Jedi Moves: Working With Sore Spots Using C.O.R.E.

[This post contains a video, so you might need to click through if you’re reading this via email or RSS.]

Last week, I shared about changes I’m personally making in me. Enormous internal ones and how those internal shifts create experiences in my external world.

I shared specifically, about how I have a sore spot, my belief in my own inferiority, and how it was activated during a mobile notary tale. I talked about how my new awareness of the inferiority is showing up, my desire to practice changing it and how that manifested for me.

What I did in the moment, to practice taking care of me. And how I avoided stepping down the slippery slope of allowing my own fear-based reaction meet up with someone else’s on the path. A constant seduction.

Today’s post is more about it. Specifically, what transpired right after it happened.

More life creating it self, for my opportunity and benefit. If you are optimystically-oriented, that is. (I talk about discovering your own personal orientation to life in this post.)

An opportunity to remind myself (and any other coaches reading this) how grateful I am to work with other people, on their own stuff. My clients. For whom I am continually amazed and feel humbled to share parts of their journey with. My journey too.

She had asked for a good place to start with a resource referral I had given her. Another one of my teachers. Those who have taught me how to take better care of me. So I can be more me with all I am. Moment by moment.

And I watched this video and recommended it to my client, realizing it was just as much for me and my situation as it was for hers. Although the details of each of our story lines are very different. As different as this service man’s issue with post traumatic stress disorder will be from yours.

But you can put your issue where his is and gain something of tremendous value here.

And essentially help yourself dissolve the very energy of your sore spot simply by choosing to be with it. Giving it your devoted & undivided attention.

A choice to act with kindness towards myself, when it would be easier to stay where I was and feel aggravated and disempowered.

The residue of how we see a past incident is strong and alive in us, until we choose to bring it fully into our being. We just need to know how…

For more about Tom Stone, visit him on the web at Great Life Technologies.

4 thoughts on “Jedi Moves: Working With Sore Spots Using C.O.R.E.

  1. Thanks for sharing such a powerful way of supporting and caring for me. Very yummy, Mynde!


  2. Hi Mindy!
    A few years back you mentioned (and had a link) to someone who reminds me of Tome Stone, sort of. Apperantly you spent some time working with him. I went to the web site and heard lead a meditation, and part of it he asked listeners to pay attention to the “empty or quite” places inbetween the focal points. Its really hard to remember now, but it was profound. In any case my computer crashed a while back and I was waiting for a good opportunity to contact him. That time has come but my links are gone. Does what Im talking about ring any bells? Would appreciate it if it does.
    Thanks, Liz


  3. Arrrg way too dependent on spell check!


    • hahahah! yes, for sure. dependency on spell check. I would normally say, let yourself off the hook, typos made all day long… then I remembered you’re a teacher so you sorta can’t let those spelling errors fly can you? hahaha! really nice to hear from you Liz.

      The guy you want is Tom Stone. I fixed the link above and here is a link to all the techniques he uses. the one you remember is called The Gap (love it). He’s in the Carlsbad area in Southern California. He is one to watch for sure. His org continues to grow, already worldwide right now. These techniques are powerful and really work!

      Tom has a very interesting story about Thomas Leonard, the sorta grandfather of the coaching industry.

      All the best to you and thanks for stopping by today!

      🙂 mm.


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