The Importance of Daily Ritual

Just realizing, again, how important it is to have daily ritual.

I think I don’t really have one, but in truth, I do.

I really want, desire, long for… a better one. Or the discipline to at least follow that desire and do what I must in order to align with what I want.

I awake in the morning. And not every morning, but it is getting more frequent, I remember to think about something grateful or good the moment I’m aware that I’m awake.

I’ll get up, because once I am aware that I’m awake, regardless if my first thoughts were a blessing or not, my mind is turned on. And I can lie in bed thinking or get up and do. I prefer doing so I get up.

I use the bathroom. Go downstairs, make coffee, do any evening dishes. Sometimes feed the cats. Sometimes get a load of laundry out of the dryer. Sometimes stamp loan documents.

I return upstairs to my office with coffee in hand and peek at email. Read my daily blessing from Angela Peregoff, Abraham’s daily inspiration and’s daily Notes From The Universe.

I try not to get captivated with Twitter or Facebook or other emails, but I usually do.

I put on workout clothes to prepare for my morning walk.

During summer months, I visit with my girlfriend as she readies for work. We say goodbye. During non-summer months, I get the Honeybee to school.

While I wait for my walking buddy to arrive, I peek at more emails, look at my task list, daily planner and HighRise.

And here’s what I wish I could change about my morning rituals…

I want to spend some quiet time, before even looking at my computer, to do Remembrance (a ten minute sufi practice introduced to me by Mark Silver).

I want to write something every morning. I don’t care what. Just open Word and begin typing. I have a lot to say. I just have a hard time allowing myself to say it. I usually always feel satisfied after I write first. Like everything else from here on out will be fun and even easy.

But instead, I walk and then return to my office and the day has already begun. The client calls are scheduled, or I’ll be spending time with technology helping a client create her new place on the web. Or on another Mobile Notary Tale.

What got me thinking about daily or morning ritual?

In the Unconventional Guide to Freelancing, the very first thing Charlie talks about is time, energy and attention. He calls it TEA. I wrap it all together in a nice little package and call it Focus. I think he puts TEA first because it’s that important.

What is my focus? What do I want to focus on? Where do I want to stream my energy? What will I create today? What am I giving my attention to? Because wherever I put my focus, is what I end up creating.

If I let my day begin me, I run randomly along. I can trust that I’ll be productive, but without understanding the interconnectedness of each of my tasks, I just blindly do, and end up feeling a little lost. Tired even. I end up putting more energy and effort into the doing. Forcing outcomes. Not much satisfaction here.

If I choose to be in charge of my focus and with compassionate discipline, deliberately begin my day with ritual that supports me, everything about what I’m doing changes.

If I choose to feel good first, being in quiet time with any good vision for my future, pre-pave a few segments of my day with trusting that my attention will grab onto how my clients inspire and expand me, how my life is inspiration and expansion and that I, in fact, inspire myself… and follow follow follow that, everything changes.

So I begin again. I know what I want to do, what I must do to align with what I want. But will I do it?

A Monday Morning Prayer

Today looked like much of my regular morning ritual, except instead of walking, I chose writing. And I put Abraham on Youtube as I prepped a post for publishing.

After I deliberately choose to make feeling good my first priority, I became inspired and thought this prayer and created this post.

“not one of you have been separated out” (~Abraham)
the Love of One God is available to every one of us.
in fact, by our mere created bodies and being here, together with our brothers & sisters, it is validation of God’s approval of exactly who he created in me.
just as i am.
it is my choice to see it as God sees it.
you as whole & complete and the perfect Son of God
me as whole & complete, the perfect Daughter of God.
and so it is. amen.

There is still time for my walk. I will go now. And when I return, I will do Remembrance. And then enter into each task with a happier heart.

  • What does your morning or daily ritual look like?
  • If you don’t currently have one, how might your life be different if you did?
  • If you’ve already joined me in the mystery of figuring out how to compassionately be a deliberate creator, what really works for you?
  • And are you challenged by knowing what you must do and wondering if today, you will do it? How do you help yourself do the things you really want to do?

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Daily Ritual

  1. Hi Mynde! I find morning ritual really important in how the rest of the day goes. On weekdays, I begin by making tea having a cup and then an hour of kundalini yoga after a few minutes of exercises with free weights. I use Maya Fiennes DVDs, and just do the chakra that seems to feel right that morning. This includes a meditation at the end. I also try to get errands out of the way after that, in the morning, but that doesn’t always work out. Anyway, after the yoga, it seems easier to accomplish at least the main points on my to do list. Doing yoga first thing means I have to get up earlier, but the benefits are worth it. Even if I get nothing else done, I can say I did my yoga!


    • Hey @Laura,
      Thanks for sharing some of your morning rituals. I’ve never tried Yoga but have heard really great things about it. Maybe someday soon I hope. It’s funny to me how “the hard stuff” is self-care, how often I put it off, and the big difference it ends up making in my day if I choose not to.


  2. Hi Mynde,
    What a great find. Thank you for your beautiful words and a wonderful reminder that right now I need to get off the computer and be still. I look forward to reading more (after my practice).


  3. @Laura,
    Thanks for sharing some of your morning rituals. I’ve never tried Yoga but have heard really great things about it. Maybe someday soon I hope. It’s funny to me how “the hard stuff” is self-care, how often I put it off, and the big difference it ends up making in my day if I choose not to.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I love the name of your website (probably a yoga asana? i just learned what asana is tonight in a movie). UpDogDownDog reminds me of that popular personal development word, process. And how it’s not always about being aware of the Down and striving to get back Up again. It’s a package deal and we can enjoy it, if we choose to.


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