Why This WordPress Sugar Mama Recommends Godaddy

Yeah upsells suck, but at the end of the day, GoDaddy makes the web stuff of my life so much easier.

This is really simple. Godaddy’s rates stay extremely competitive while providing the best customer support & service around.

When it comes to choosing a place to get your domain name or set up your custom Thesis WordPress installation for your web presence on their network of hosting servers, GoDaddy is the one-stop shop that just makes my web life (and my clients) easier.

GoDaddy Domain NamesManage all your domains. Yes you may have multipes. And did you know you can point several domain names to a single web presence? Godaddy domain management makes this super easy to do.
Grow your hosting needs as your business grows. With Godaddy, you can upgrade any time to more space, so you don’t ever have to bite off more than you can chew (raise your hand if you’ve ever done that.) Yeah, it’s a big deal when you’re just starting out. You don’t need a huge hosting package. Just a place to get your garden growing so your business can show you what it needs and then you can make choices from that place.

When you purchase your Godaddy shizzle, make sure and get auto-renew on everything! This way, you will avoid any service interruption. And the longer you can extend your term when you purchase with Godaddy, the more you’ll save. If you have the budget resources from the top, and you’re serious about getting your web presence on, commit to a five year plan, if you can. You can always review where you are later and make necessary changes then (cancel, extend, switch domain name service providers).

The biggest con for using Godaddy is Upsell Hell. And for all the benefit of having a live person to talk to 24/7 that helps me get exactly what I need, it’s a more than fair trade-off for doing business with them. So just say no to the upsells. You can always get whatever they are offering later.

And here’s more honest truth… most of my clients don’t know what they are doing when they begin. That’s why they need me. And why Godaddy is such a perfect match for both of us. Whether they’re helping you complete your purchase transaction or helping me work out a complicated DNS issue and every place in between…

Bottom line: yeah upsells suck, but at the end of the day, GoDaddy makes the web stuff of my life (and my clients) so much easier.

So I say GoDaddy! (yes, that’s an affiliate link)


4 thoughts on “Why This WordPress Sugar Mama Recommends Godaddy

  1. Come 2011, you, I, and all other Godaddy WordPressers may be screwed. WordPress is dropping support for any version of mySQL under 5.0.15 early next year, and the highest version Godaddy offers is 5.0.



  2. wow. that is scary! and i’m willing to be surprised and watch as GoDaddy and technology itself comes up with a solution to this problem. It usually does, doesn’t it? technology solves it’s own problems, that’s what i like about it 😉


  3. So dig your experience with GoDaddy because mine is super similar. I love the support they give, and in a recent experience with them, the tech on the phone walked me through exactly what I’d be getting if I “upgraded” and determined that it just wasn’t necessary. Having that experience, I could care less if they try to upsell me, because I know they’re not going to give me anything I don’t need (as long as I ask good questions).

    Will be interesting to see what GoDaddy does about that mySQL thing, I’m sure they’re not hip on losing the WP customers…


  4. @Dian,
    GoDaddy’s team of customer service people are the bomb. Each and every time I connect to just the right people with backgrounds and life experiences the help me find my way to solution.

    Thanks for stopping by Dian and sharing your sunshine 🙂


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