Mobile Notary Tales

In between helping women get their tech-savvy on and talking with others about personal living strategies and astrology, I am also a mobile notary.

If you follow me on Twitter, I may have mentioned this a few times. And I don’t really talk about it at all on my website.

So this post is for those of you who may have wondered what the heck I’m doing driving all over Southern California…

Living My Dreams & Making Ends Meet

It’s taken me a while to figure out how to be an entrepreneur.  I’m still figuring it out. And in all honesty, I don’t think we ever do. Figure it all out.

One of the things I resisted for a while was making money in any other way, other than how I saw my dream job explicitly being. I wanted the “don’t quit your day job” people to eat crow.

Eventually, one day, I woke up and realized that my technical skills were in demand in the market I was working (and playing) in. And I let go of how I thought things should be and decided to show up with what is.

And a whole lot of worry, fear and anxiety shifted.

I figured out I can do a lot more of what matters when I feel good about myself and embrace what is with an attitude of acceptance.

Opening To What Is Available, Right Now

This sounds so easy. Like I simply changed my mind.

But there really is a whole complicated mess in the background I’m sifting through. The more complicated and messy it gets, the harder it is for me to access my own Jedi. Which is why getting support becomes so essential.

Early last spring, as I writhed around in anxiety over not being able to generate enough income to legitimize continuing to show up and do what I love everyday, my girlfriend suggested I get my notary commission.

The idea was that in between coaching sessions and teaching online workshops for creating your own web presence, I could make some money simply by helping people sign their loan documents on their home purchases or refinancing deals.

So like before, I decided to show up with an attitude of embracing what is and subsequently #mobilenotarytales began.

What Shows Up, When You Begin To Look

I’ve met some interesting people along the way. Getting out from behind my laptop and headphones and out into the world. Breaking up and through the anxiety and worry of not being able to sustain myself doing what I love (coaching).

Mostly, in the people I meet, I see generosity. I think on some level, it’s my personal experiment with each #mobilenotarytales assignment… to allow myself to notice what else I might be able to see.

To practice being open to the people I meet. The stories they share with me. Sometimes even the food from their kitchens!

Seeing more “enough” in my world when just moments (thoughts) ago I was experiencing the opposite.

Just for today, what could you start seeing, if you began looking? I think sometimes, challenges feel so big, I don’t ever consider something so small, like changing my focus, as having an impact. But it did. And does.


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  1. Mobile Notary Tales: In between helping women get their tech-savvy on and talking with others about personal livin…


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