How The BP Oil Spill Got Me Thinking About Integrity

So this is just Mynde here. No Jedi. I think she’s napping actually.

I’ve been thinking about the BP oil spill. I may be late to the game. I think I was in Law of Attraction denial, not wanting to look at it. But then I remembered, you can’t do it wrong and it’s never finished.

So go ahead. Look at it.

I watched the Ustream channel for about 30 seconds. I could barely stand it. And I was sitting down.

I thought about the Spaceship Enterprise. Stay with me here. I know I said the Jedi is napping and I don’t mean to mix my sci-fi metaphors.

I could see on the movie screen of my mind, Captain Kirk’s first officer talking about integrity breaches in the hull of the ship. And the ship then being, de-stabilized.

I thought about the earth, having a leak in her own hull. And her blood spilling out all over the ocean.

And then I thought about my own integrity. And where am I leaking?

And I realized that so many things, recently, have been about adjustments. Coming to terms with my own personal truth on certain subjects and especially in relationships. And coming into greater alignment with my own personal integrity.

Looking at integrity as an energy system. And what I’m doing regularly to keep my integrity strengthened. What activities do I engage in regularly that help me with this?

And also looking at where my energy is leaking. Where is my focus? How is my attention? What am I looking at repeatedly that might be disempowering?

A lot of people I’m talking to have been sharing with me either grand realizations, like game-changing ones or have been in the process changing alignment in many personal relationships.

So I’m personally taking an incredible leap here. You can come or just say I’m silly.

But if we are all connected… What if we are all regaining or realigning to more integrity? Whatever that looks like for you personally.

And what if, by doing my own inner work of living from a greater level of integrity, it helped to heal not only myself, but the earth too?

Look. I know there is only so much in my control about this situation. I can tune in and hear it all and listen to how another corporation is putting profit ahead of life itself, but I feel like shit when I do.

So instead, I’m going to put all my attention and focus on helping myself to find greater integrity in my own life.

And pray that somehow, someway, it’s all connected and it will help restore wholeness not only within my own integrity, but also help the situation in the Gulf. At least until I can figure out what else I can do. Other than banging on the same drum of assigning blame, determining the impact of the loss; financially, ecologically, everything. And all the other ways people are slicing and dicing this.

I know it’s radical. And maybe I should wake the Jedi. But I decided to let her sleep and just pick one of the topics bouncing around in my head/heart and start writing. Write it down. (OK, now see? We just began waking Sleeping Beauty from her slumber).

Even if it is too far out or maybe you’ve had similar thoughts and ideas about this situation. Either way, please think about sharing them in the comment section below. I’m interested in hearing them.

  • What is integrity to you?
  • What crazy ideas have you had about the oil spill that might not be exactly related to mainstream conversation?
  • How are you coping with the disaster? What are you telling yourself about it?
  • Do you think we are each individually connected to it? In what ways? And what do we do with that? With the awareness or possibility that, yes, I am connected?

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    new on msquared – How The BP Oil Spill Got Me Thinking About Integrity


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