Jedi Moves: Discipline

Discipline. This word can crazy set some of us off, can’t it?

And self-discipline is at the root of it all. Right? Following your dreams. Running your biz. Taking care of yourself through it all.

For most of my life, I’ve kinda run from discipline. It’s been a sort of ‘bad’ word. It meant restriction and scarcity to me.

And starting from early, early adulthood, I was so excited and ready to get out there. And do it my way. Experience a freedom to do what I please.

Soon I realized that there are responsibilities and things that I need to remind my self of regularly in order to keep life moving along comfortably (roof over my head, light bill paid, food on the table).

And the organization of my life began. I started developing patterns for myself. To help me get it done. Like making the honeybee’s lunch the night before so it’s ready in the morning.

Can freedom come from discipline?

Is it possible that from discipline, organization, processes, and formulas I might find renewal? Rejuvenation? Maybe not full blown inspiration thunderbolts, but some room to breath? Some room that helps me take a breathe and possibly even feel refreshed in doing so.

Making lunch the night before gives you freedom in the morning. And even freedom before the morning, because you know it’s already done as you go to bed that night!

Or the practice of quieting the mind regularly helps me detach from my mental chatter and recognize other qualities of my being.

So there are aspects of freedom that come from being disciplined.

And having processes in place, for your life and your biz, is a way to take care of yourself, as you do it (the living your life and running your business part).

This is a way to be/feel powerful with discipline.

And when we are disciplined with our selves, it reveals accountability. But not the kind of accountability that’s all full of “measuring up” and “doing it right & on time.”

It’s more like an I count. I matter. And even, I choose. It’s powerful.

Critical to maintaining your sanity and optimysm during your webification process (or any other big shift you might be creating in your life for that matter) is identifying forms of discipline that support you.

And as far as getting your web stuff done goes…

*My Second Rule of Engagement

2) Clear scope. Get agreements up front. Scope of the work to be completed in bullet points. Outline time frames for completion. Have a committed recurring meeting time on your calendars for checking in with each other. All projects need to have some kind of finish line. And plan your work in phases. Chunking it down into small scopes (with 70% completion 😉 is the way to go.

And if we coach together, before we even begin I’ll have you answer some questions to help you clarify where you’d like to go and get you thinking about how you’ll know when you’re there.

It’s process-y.

And worth the investment of your time/effort because the freedom to be more you, often lies on the other side of discipline.

*This post is part of a short-series inspired by Danielle LaPorte (more about that here.) This way though, for my last rule of optimystical engagement.


7 thoughts on “Jedi Moves: Discipline

  1. Can freedom come from discipline? (v @myndemayfield)


  2. dig, dig DIGGIN it, my friend. i’m about to dig into DLP’s FSS myself, and i’ll be following your process-y stuff, too…
    .-= Dian Reid´s last blog ..750 Words to Being Yourself =-.


  3. RT @CoachDian Can freedom come from discipline? (v @myndemayfield)


  4. new on msquared – Jedi Moves: Discipline


  5. my #2 Rule of Engagement when webifying (or making any big shift) is abt knowing the scope/where ur goin & discipline


  6. RT @CoachDian: Can freedom come from discipline? (v @myndemayfield)


  7. yesterday, i posted my #2 rule of engagement 4 webifying or otherwise; know the scope & how it connx w discipline:


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