Exploring Creative Collaboration

The quick is not better than the slow. Slow ripening and rapid flowering alternate. Both are natural and right. ~ariyavansa.org

I’ve been checking out a few new people. New to me at least. We’ve been in each other’s orbit but, for whatever reason, I just haven’t been inclined to go more deeply. To look more closely.

The time becomes right for that. And then you pull that book down off your shelf. The one that’s been sitting there for two years. Among many others just like it, sitting for just as long and maybe longer.

I kind of secretly know when the right time is. Even when I don’t think I do.

If I just trust myself, and feel my way to expansivesness, like a boat uses its rudder, everything is on-time in my life. Even the shitty, challenging, extra growth-spurt kinda moments. On time.

Right on time for me just came as a closer look at Jonathan Mead’s The Zero Hour Work Week. Ultimately, the resonation in his free ebook that sang to me, “the paradigm is shifting.”

Aren’t they all? (said with mysterious astrological grin)

Jonathan was referring to the work paradigm shifting. That work isn’t work if you love it. And also I think, a deeper calling is being felt by people all around us. To live some version of our own personal truths. To express and contribute in a way that feels meaningful to our personal lives and to the world as a whole.

Some of us go by the label entrepreneur.

This is the underlying punctuation mark that I want to keep my eyes focused on. This is the reason I’m showing up everyday. For myself. For my clients. For my business, daughter, friends, lover, coaches, peers.

To express and contribute in a way that feels meaningful in my personal life and to the world as a whole.

I believe in this idea. Of a new way of proceeding in all partnership. Any kind. Where it is collaborative. And not competitive.

Gone or disappearing rapidly (I’ll give it till early June when Jupiter hits Aries) is the concept of position of authority over one another.

I believe I can be humble and do it within a context of equanimity. Where we are equals. Honoring unique skills, talent and abilities within each individual and also being aware of what it feels like to collaborate together. Recognizing expansive energy, where we feel built up and inspired to take action in our lives (creative). Or diminished, tired, and confused.

And making a conscious choice to find alignment, for your self, with what feels expansive while resisting the temptations to assign guilt or blame to the other for “not being a right fit” or a “perfect match.”

My personal paradigm shift: I don’t need your business/money so bad that it’s worth exchanging my feel goodedness for it in the process of earning it. I could have stayed in cubicle land for that kind of powerless feeling.

Creative collaboration is where people meet where they are, as they are. Not playing the role of client, teacher, coach. But playing the role of collaborative co-creator.

And this is my first rule of engagement. Whether I’m webifying or otherwise A rule not for keeping others out or for measuring up to, but for keeping me playing big and showing up fully.

*My First Rule of Engagement

  1. Collaborative Creating. It’s all about the equanimity. Win-Win. An even playing field is collaboration. Where we both work together and enjoy the process and create good yummy stuff. In other words, it doesn’t have to be hard and formal and all bidnizzy. There doesn’t have to be the old employer/employee/client dynamic going on. It’s about equanimity or collaborative creation. We do it together. What we do is better for it (the project or web presence or whatever) and we are too!

*This post is part of a short-series inspired by Danielle LaPorte (more about that here.) I’ll be sharing my two other rules of engagement in future post(s).


3 thoughts on “Exploring Creative Collaboration

  1. i talk about timing, @jonathanmead's Zero Hour Work Week & creative collaboration > http://bit.ly/8XNqHV (via @myndemayfield)


  2. i talk about timing, @jonathanmead's Zero Hour Work Week & creative collaboration > http://bit.ly/8XNqHV (via @myndemayfield)


  3. Zero Hour Work Week & creative collaboration by@jonathanmead
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