6 Ways To Stay Optimystical (And Not Go Insane) During Your Webification Process

Optimysm. Sanity. Presence.

You want a web presence. For that special thing you offer our world. For your business. It’s a big deal. And staying sane through the process of creating it is too!

Not only is your sanity important, but so is the short-term goal of getting you launched.

Here are six ways to help you stay optimystical*, sane and true to you—during your webification process.

  1. It’s never finished. All of everything is a constant evolution. Shoot for 20-70% completion and help yourself to let go and move forward. We can get caught in perfectionism, others and our own. Seriously, it will never be 100% complete and not 100% of your audience will be sending you Bravo’s everyday. If you are spending time in perfectionism, it’s distraction 100% of the time. Shoot for increments of improvement. Start with 20%. Work toward being done at 70%. If it feels risky for you to do this, that’s good. Grand slams outta the park on the first pitch rarely happen. (For more on this 70% idea, please meet Mark Silver.)
  2. There is no right way. Or a more right way to do it. There is only right for you right now. This often boils down to saying yes to what is presenting right now. Instead of waiting for the right information or figuring anything else out. Be aware of what and who is showing up, what you want and then respond which means ask for what you need and want.
  3. It’s all personal. Every last bit of it. If this is your first time creating a web presence of any kind, be prepared for your stuff to come up. How do you do with freaking out? You might have a few. What does your support system look like? It’s just a very personal process.  So what’s your plan for taking care of yourself when it gets personal? Have a relationship with your designer where you are comfortable enough to do that. To feel your way through it. Some bravery, tenacity, clear intentions. Rally your support team to blow off steam or check in with them on what their web creation process was like for perspective.
  4. You’ll know by how you feel. Whether you are choosing a web designer, looking at your first few design compositions, or even when you read a sales page… the opportunities to check in with yourself are endless. Simple as it gets: if it feels good and you get excited, then it’s for you. If you feel anything else, you have to commit to ask more questions to get clear or just move on!
  5. Remind yourself often of what you are committed to and why you are spending time on web stuff for your biz. Be clear and on purpose with your self. When the surprises that make life interesting pop up, knowing what and why you’re doing it is a huge anchor and source of guiding light along the way. Whether you are erecting your web presence for the first time or working ongoing web-related projects. This often times is about coming back to a kind of positive affirmation about trusting ourselves, affirming our worth and the personal value of understanding we are all creative at the core of our essential selves.
  6. Remind yourself often how good you’re doing. If you don’t have a web presence and want one and you think about it, give yourself credit. It’s a step. If 8 weeks ago, you didn’t have a blog presence and today you do, give yourself credit for it. Today, right now. If you write a blog post today, give yourself credit for it. Over and over and over. Wherever you are with the webification process, I cannot drive home the importance of having the skill to be able to acknowledge yourself for what you are doing. Especially where technology is concerned. It’s easy to feel stupid and that you don’t get it as well as others. Zip that shit up by reminding yourself that you’re here, today, facing in the direction of what you want.
*Original post inspired by Danielle LaPorte. More about that here.

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