Defining Yourself – Danielle LaPorte Sets Entrepreneurs On Fire

So, it’s my birthday (about 3 weeks ago). I’m celebrating a day that’s all about me. Big fat grins. What a nice day :).

But that’s not the end, obviously.

It was a pretty awesome birthday. It’s simpler these days. Turning 41, you’ve done it a few times. And really good times for me is sweetest when it’s simple.

Family & Friends. Food. Lots of laughs. And sparkling eyes.

I stop by home to get my bathing suit. We’ve decided to hit the Jacuzzi after Japanese dinner.

Yes, I’ll admit I’m a little bit compulsive about my computer. My Inbox. Twitter. Facebook. Pretty much obsessed. I love what I do. And when you love it, it’s not anything else, but what you love and it’s easy to do. All.The.Time.

Me: Ok Mr. Inbox, whatcha got for me?

Oh, wow. And email from Ms. Danielle LaPorte. That’s a nice surprise. Let’s see what it says… (little dark voice in my head saying, “you are on this lady’s radar?”)

Jedi: Read the damn email.

Me: It’s an invitation. Wow again!

Write something for (consideration in) The Spark Kit? Me…?

Jedi: Keep reading.

Me: A TON of ideas for what she needs/wants. In an email!

She says, “Pull from what you got or create something new, up to you!”

Deep in breathe. Stare out the window. Wander out into near term future… what will I write about? Oh this will be fun. My skin prickles up. I’m already on fire just getting this damned email!

I get it now. Why she’s so hot. Laughing out loud.

Today is launch day for The Spark Kit. Yesterday, I got an advanced copy (lucky me) and last night I stayed up till near midnight pouring through it’s nearly 200-paged PDF and watching ‘rock-your-socks-off’ videos with Danielle & guests.

Candid conversation. About being me. And being an entrepreneur.

It was nearly impossible not to continually tweet Danielle quotes that are touching my heart and lighting me up.

Like this one from page 41,

“Eventually, I started giving up trying to be good at stuff that made me feel bad…”

And this one from page 43,

“True strength is not necessarily about skill or adeptness. It‘s about vitality.”

And page 46,

“If it doesn‘t light you up, you‘re not the right person for the job.”

I did submit something to Danielle. It was so fun to do. And easy.

But today’s post is to urge you to give yourself this most amazing dose of “fire it up!” that I’ve ever personally experienced.

And I’m not even done with this digital book-meets-video seminar and already feeling it rock my business, rocking ME, in a way that helps me celebrate myself and doing it my way.

Like pronto. She gave me the fire in a simple email request!

Tomorrow I share what I wrote for Ms. Hot… it turned out to be my optimystical spin on staying sane in the web creation process with a few tips for choosing a web designer.

In the meantime, puh-leaz go do yourself one huge, enormous, I LOVE MYSELF favor and set yourself on fire now! Spark Kit: Spark Your Genius. Ingite Your Business. Make It Matter. from Danielle LaPorte


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