Jedi Moves: Staring At Walls

Look! A New Wall To Stare At!

I moved my office over the weekend. It’s the first time ever that I’ve had a room in my home that was not for sleeping.

When I leapt off the window ledge of corporate, I worked out of my bedroom. It was large enough to carve out a space for everything I needed.

In less than a year, I had decided that it didn’t feel right. I was “living” in my bedroom. So I relocated to the dining room.

I loved it down there because I sat in natural sunlight from the sliding glass doors that led out onto our small backyard patio. I would watch the cats play in the sunshine and listen to the birds. I could get up and stretch, make tea in the kitchen, take a break with the TV in the living room.

So when we moved last April into the condo we rent, we had a roommate at the time. Someone we knew before we moved in. And then, at the beginning of this year, roomy decided to move to Seattle, which was brave and exciting.

So we did the natural thing, which was replace roomy. And new roomy came and went in 60 days. And is the whole inspiration behind my window ledge conversation thing.

And now I’m typing this from that room. My desk is now facing a wall. A new direction but the same wall that’s been here since I got here last April.

First someone else’s wall. Then another’s. And now it’s my wall.

One bare wall. With a piece of paper that says, “NEW STORY – GET INTO THE VORTEX!”

I’m telling myself a new story. About cranking it up in my biz and closing the small gap between where I am now and where I want to be.

And yes, this particular aha was inspired by someone in my circle of support… where I bounce ideas and adventures off my friends, colleagues and family and they help me be me better.

And I want to tell you this because, well lately, it’s been all about window ledges and petitioning my own personal Jedi to help me through the constant evolution of my life.

And I thought it might be nice for you to see, you are not alone, even if our adventures are different. Because I like seeing other people’s real life journeys on being better them’s and telling the truth about that, even the hurtsome (or hurtsaLOT) parts.

And to share with you that this is what it looks like for me to get my Jedi on. This is how I help myself through the sometimes scary and sometimes exciting parts.

And making it an adventure reminds me to have fun.

So here’s a gentle summoning for your own inner Jedi:

  • Are you facing a “new wall” this week?
  • What’s the writing on your wall saying to you?
  • What would you like it/prefer it to say?

When we act from a place of feeling better first (what could happen here that would allow me to feel better? how could I envision this situation in a way that was helpful for me & others?) vs. feeling worry, angst, rushed, etc. and then acting, doing it effortfully is reduced dramatically.

To a week filled with freedom from effort to pursue all that you dream & desire.


3 thoughts on “Jedi Moves: Staring At Walls

  1. Dig. This.

    The wall I’m facing this week: Monday.
    Writing on the wall: It’s hard to get going on Mondays; now get off your ass.
    The writing on my wall now says: “Just write. Get lost in the writing with the first word flowing into the next and the next and the next.” Whoa. Pressure: released.

    Thanks for this post Mynde =)
    .-= Dian Reid´s last blog ..Self-Care and Just There =-.


  2. read @myndemayfield's Jedi Moves: Staring At Walls and NOW i'm ready to rock.


  3. read @myndemayfield's Jedi Moves: Staring At Walls and NOW i'm ready to rock.


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