After Sedona

Nature shows me the pattern of regeneration. Which strengthens my sense of Faith. I breathe it deeply & repeat.

Nature. Saying so much, often in complete silence.

Nature. Resilience that builds beauty and perfection slowly, over time. Patient.

Nature. Ever-changing transformation. With each torrential downpour or earthquake on the other side of the world.

Each and every thing that is in nature is alive with purpose. It has transformed itself, over and over in order to be there. The way a cactus thrives in a desert.

Life is always expanding. Over the top of itself. Transformation is what life is.

Nature. Consistent. Billions of years of growth and change.

Nature. An eternal reservoir of creativity and life. Filling up. Nourishing me with it’s message of faith. Faith in the creative power of what is. Life faithfully expanding. Choosing to be an aware and actively participanting in it.

Nature. I breathe it in. Faith. I breathe it in. What is. I breathe it in.

With eyes, ears, a heart and soul, all that I am, I breathe it in that I may continue to expand joyfully and with wonder into every possibility.


4 thoughts on “After Sedona

  1. Mynde, so lovely. so real. so poetic. You are nature, a true force of nature in this world.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..The Courage to Sin =-.


  2. you packed an awful lot into this short, elegant post. nature is a good teacher, a good sticky note.
    .-= wholly jeanne´s last blog ..contagion =-.


  3. Reading and savoring @myndemayfield 's post – After Sedona


  4. So true about nature. Your post was just food for my soul. God speaks to me through nature–it is alive. Thanks, dear Mynde.
    .-= Lee Miller´s last blog ..Staying “It” Out Loud =-.


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