Best of ’09 – Place

Best of ’09 is a series of posts inspired by Gwen Bell’s The Best of 09 Blog Challenge. It’s a challenge designed to help me write more and rediscover more grateful moments in my 2009! Hopefully, 31 posts in 31 days 😉

The best place. A coffee shop? A pub? A retreat center? A cubicle? A nook?

A Year of Thinking Dangerously

So the whole best stuff feels a little pressure-y today. And hey, I’m just want to mention (mostly for myself) that I have been writing more. Doing this blog challenge thing. Having fun. Meeting interesting people. Easier than I thought. The aha-moments, “Oh yeah, “That’s what I always do. I make it up harder than it’s really going to be. There that is again.” Silly me.

But back to pressure.

Since it feels kinda ugh, I’m gonna lighten up and go with just place. Not the best place. By the way, I have no idea where I’m going with this.

Maybe I’ll do some meditation. Place. Place. Place. Plaaaaaace.

Nope. No physical place pops to mind. Nothing. It doesn’t want to be written about.

Everything 2009 feels very inner worldly. About changing my mind. Playing in perception.

What’s changed most is the way I think about things. And as I realize this now, I show myself again, the power and wonder and richness of an inner world. And that it really all begins there. Inside.

That’s a place, right?

Yeah, this year was definitely more of a thinking year than a doing year.

It’s been a year of thinking dangerously. Learning how to be more aware of my thinking. To see which way I was headed. To change it. If I could think of something that would make things better. Small things. And if I could think of nothing, see if I can find gratitude for something. Anything. Leaning gently. A little more into trust. And looking for that inside of me, rather than in my world; from something or someone else.

I learned more about that place inside of me. It’s quiet and still. And also alert and alive. And sometimes, I swear to you, I’m beginning to realize C.S. Lewis’ story about lions, witches and wardrobes is real! That this inner alertness is the doorway into another land. My Narnia.

Favorite place of 2009. My wardrobe. A deep inner place. It’s still, quiet, alive and alert. Offering up possibilities. One door opens into many, like the seeds of a pomegranate. Ripe, ready.

To wardrobes. Yours and mine.


5 thoughts on “Best of ’09 – Place

  1. BRAVA!! Yes, yes, yes. Inner Narnias… I sooo appreciate that, dear Mynde. The concept of “place” has been a part of my interiorscape as well, for several reasons… but my ongoing investigation of “Where do I want to be, what place – geographically – fits me?” It has been a lengthy discussion and with a daughter graduating high school the squishyness is feeling more vice-like. Soooo. Letting myself be, right now, in my Narnia and let geography be present and not overpowering. Thanks for an evocative #Best09 post!
    .-= Julie Jordan Scott´s last blog ..Survey of #Best09 Place for me to be…Blog Says…@DagnysCoffeeCo! =-.


  2. experiencing @myndemayfield and her latest o/ ~ "A Year of Thinking Dangerously" #best09


  3. I totally hear ya on the Blog Challenge being fun and then feeling pressure-y. So happy you don’t have a physical place because “A Year of Thinking Dangerously” is so much juicier! And as for the inner wardrobe…WOW! Very inspiring and it all started with sharing your truth. I think that meditation worked. 😉
    .-= Danielle ´s last blog ..Best Album 2009 or Gleefully Impressed. =-.


  4. "A Year of Thinking Dangerously" from @MyndeMayfield #best09


  5. RT @friendpimp "A Year of Thinking Dangerously" from @MyndeMayfield #best09


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