Web Presence Essentials 2010

A Web Presence. A container for something good, something that is yours. It might be the great food that you cook, or beautiful art that you create or a book that you’re writing. A Web Presence is a smart thing to consider in today’s business economy. In fact, some might say it’s essential.

I’ve taken my Tech Savvy 101 series that talks about the ingredients for creating a web page, web site or web presence; and brought them together to create Web Presence Essentials. A guide to help you through a sometimes intimidating and usually confusing, technology decision-making process. Especially if actually taking the steps to create a web presence is still kinda new for you.

No matter where you are on the map (small business owner just starting out or big business generating hundreds of clicks per day), without these pieces of the technology puzzle, there can be no web *anything.*

Blog Or Website, Which Is Best?

After talking with women and soothing their fears about whether or not they are smart enough to actually do the technology thing (which you are) and realizing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be really isn’t as huge as you think it is, and that you don’t have to know all the answers (that’s what I’m here for) is deciding if a blog is right for them. … (more)

Domain Name – What One Is, How To Choose One & Who I Recommend Getting Yours From

You can’t have a web page, web site or online business without a web address. When you open your web browser, you need an address to type in there so you can actually go somewhere. That’s just the very first part, one essential piece, of creating a web presence. … (more)

Web Hosting – What It Is, Why You Need It & Who I Recommend Getting Yours From

Web Hosting is rented space where your web content lives. When you’re looking at a web page, the images and text you see are created with code (HTML and other types of computery code). Your browser translates that code into something you can understand. But that file, that code, has to live somewhere so your browser can find it. Purchasing web hosting is essentially renting space on a powerful computer that is accessible via the Internet, 24/7. … (more)

Content – So What’s The Big Deal Anyway?

In all my years of creating e-commerce web sites for big corporatey places, the number one overlooked issue and where time was consistently underestimated was in developing content. Most of the time, people were huffing and puffing at trying to understand the technical pieces and since I was almost always a liaison between the technical teams, the marketing or business teams and the an advocate for the end user of the product/web site, I constantly got to ask “What’s this web page gonna say or do?”… (more)

Content – Where To Start When You Have Zip

Always start with yourself and by defining your Core Values. Knowing your core values helps you understand what you need from any situation. And even when you don’t know what you need in the moment, looking to a core value will always inspire you to live from your personal integrity. You’d be surprised how much knowing your core values helps you answer and write content for questions like “What I Do?, How It Works, etc.” … (more)

Creating Your First Few Posts

Maybe you already have some content. You’ve pulled your stuff together (you remember what that was like the first time?) In fact, you might have pages of good stuff, but you’d like to go a little further with it. Something (not quite sure what) is getting lost in translation somewhere. And the sneaky suspicion, at least one of them, is it might be your content. You ask yourself, “What exactly am I saying here? Who am I saying it for?” … (more)

Giving Yourself Permission To Write

I’ve noticed this thing, it’s in me and a lot of the wonderfully creative ambitious women I talk to everyday, this idea that we need permission. Permission to be ourselves. Permission to follow our hearts & dreams. Permission to receive and allow in the giving from others. And when it comes to our technology and getting our blogs on, spattering pages of words with the juice of our hearts or giving ourselves permission to write…. (more)

Can I Have A Perfect Look & Feel?

So many times I see considerations for look and feel issues take women off track, detouring them into the land of perfectionism. The look and feel is actually a compliment to, and a part of something else in your web presence. The something else is the part of you (your biz) that wants to be created and expressed. … (more)

WordPress is god. Period.

Wherein, I offer the best technology advice I have and tell you WordPress is god. Period. This could be the end because it is just that short and sweet. But let me just elaborate briefly on why it would be silly to consider using anything other than WordPress for creating and managing your web presence…. (more)

What If You’re a Total Beginner? (The Best Place To Start)

Blogger (and if you have hopes of someday working with me, I recommend WordPress.com) is one of the best places to start because it will loan you a domain name and host your web stuff for you, (for free)! All you need to do is write your content (no unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t do it all). Blogger is like a blogging training ground. Learn all the nuances of getting your blogging on like creating content, moving things around on your pages, maybe even selling your products or services. All the tools & skills you learn you take with you if you decide it’s time to stretch your tech savvy skills again… in the very near future. Because you and your business do keep growing. … (more)

Need some help with all this?

No problem. I can do the heavy lifting and then show you how to manage and continue expanding your own web presence as it happens. I offer one package (keeping it simple). It’s got all the essential ingredients, you + me; and together we collaborate and create.  WordPress Expanded is full blown you, custom & unique.

5 thoughts on “Web Presence Essentials 2010

  1. now this is all good advice and info. especially that last one about giving yourself permission. i constantly fight that little niggly voice that says “hey you. this blogging and social media/networking stuff and writing – well, it’s time for you to stop playing and get to work.” sounds decidedly like my first grade teacher. the one with the ruler permanently attached to her right hand.
    .-= wholly´s last blog ..denver or bust (aka: best road trip) =-.


  2. dearest jeanne,
    thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your goodness on several of my posts. i like you very much and not just because your name is my daughter’s middle name, spelled EXACTLY the same way 😉

    or because i like the idea of working with a book writing coach either. which i do. and am considering. because there’s a book in me dying to get out.

    i look forward to 2010, tootling around your website and possibly chatting about this and many other things.

    hugs, mm.
    .-= Mynde Mayfield´s last blog ..myndemayfield: designing a custom twitter background for a client & listening to "In Your Atmosphere" by John Mayer (http://bit.ly/5EbFNL) #pandora =-.


  3. I just love what you’re doing here, Mynde. Your points are well made and so important to getting started. Before I got started I had a lot of these questions. Lucky for me the resources to move forward fell in my lap. I have a few colleagues who I’ll be sharing your site with.

    Sidenote: Curious why you state Blogger as best to start and not WordPress, since it looks like you use WP (I use the Thesis theme too =))
    .-= Dian Reid´s last blog ..Best of 09 Blog Challenge: Laugh (#best09) =-.


  4. Hi Dian,
    Thanks for much for hanging out with me, on my blog. Most of my clients are new new new to technology and find WordPress to be, well, intimidating.

    I do have several clients that have either migrated from Blogger to WP or even start out on WP.

    I feel like Blogger is the best place to begin because it ramps them up to how the administration side of blogging works plus gives them an opportunity to develop their content (the secret ingredient).

    And yes I do love WordPress (obviously) but not everyone is ready for that. They need a teensier step to begin with 😉

    Now it’s my turn to discover you! See you on the toobs.


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