Best of ’09 – Book

Best of ’09 is a series of posts inspired by Gwen Bell’s The Best of 09 Blog Challenge. It’s a challenge designed to help me write more and rediscover more grateful moments in my 2009! Hopefully, 31 posts in 31 days 😉

I have a constant hunger.

It’s personal really. I’ve always been thirsty to know more than I know. And not just for the sake of knowing it but for some type of relief it offers to me. A kind of self-understanding it brings forward that helps me relax a little bit more into what is.

And so, following my hunger per usual, this has been the year of Law of Attraction.

One of the greatest mysteries to me, is how in just a single moment, everything can change, simply by changing my mind about how I see it or how I’m experiencing something. The famous quote that comes up is “in the twinkling of an eye” although the context used in the Bible used to be quite frightening to me. I changed my mind about that along time ago.

Which might be highlighting my very point.

There was a moment when I realized that so much of how I interpreted my world came from some context in my head. I observed that even though there was always a lot of external stimulation, that there was also a constant, inner world processing the external one. And for the most part, I was always “with” the inner one… probably even more than I was part of the external one. Because it was always there, in the background. Even when I’m completely lost to the outer one, experiencing dream (or nightmare).

I think it’s interesting to see if you can notice what your overall orientation to life is. I wrote about this also not long ago in a post called “Identifying Your Default Position,” where default describes how you show up on auto-pilot, with yourself and the world. What is the overall flavor of that? Are you oriented at believing things are more good than bad? Again, looking for that line in the sand, observing to see where I stand personally perhaps. Or validate it.

Because even though we can easily suspect that most of us would raise our hands on the “good” side of things, upon examining it more closely (and honestly), there can sometimes be an enormous contrast when we listen to see what our inner world conversations sounds like. And conversations are really just a string of thoughts, sewn together. Whether we’re with others or by ourselves.

Did I just admit that I talk to myself?

A lot actually. Almost all the time. Some people call it thinking, some call it talking to yourself, or self-talk. The only time I’m not aware of my thinking is when I’m sleeping. Or when I’m awake, when I practice not thinking. Which is sometimes called meditation. And even then, my thoughts still appear and carry me away in them. I lose my focus. Forget what I’m supposed to be doing. Like counting my breathes or something.

So this year has been all about understanding myself through my thoughts. Looking more honestly at a truth my thoughts reveal to me. And beyond just healthy thought-hygiene was digging into the science of my mind. The science behind thoughts themselves. Reconciling, exploring, understanding any efficacy behind “my thoughts create reality.”

Money & The Law Of AttractionMy best read in 2009 was Money & The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks. Even though the title implies you’ll read about money, you won’t only read about money. You’ll also read about the body and health & wellness. In fact, it feels like less than half of the book is dedicated to money, which was a nice surprise.

The most curious of things I’ve learned this year on my induction in the understanding the Law of Attraction though, is that it’s less about what I think and more about how those thoughts make me feel.

And holding a pleasant thought that makes me feel really good for as little as 17 seconds shifts the line in the sand of where I stand. I can effect my entire day or a single situation by simply putting my focus on an intention of experiencing good things from it ahead of time.

Intending to be happy. And then in this present moment where I am, find as many reasons as possible to be happy, right now.

Anything I do from this place, is blessed with the energy that creates worlds.


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