Fast Pass To The Vortex

Letting go and surrendering any need for a challenge to change and be different so we can be more comfortable with it.

After only a few days of practicing the G.A.P. on a regular basis, I’ve noticed some interesting changes in not only my experience of the G.A.P. itself, but also in how I am showing up differently in my life, even when I am not focused on the G.A.P itself.

If you are not familiar with Tom Stone’s powerful Pure Awareness technique called the G.A.P, you can find it in my last post. It’s a very short (less than 15 minutes) audio where Tom actually takes you to the G.A.P. so you can experience it for yourself.

Once you understand what the G.A.P. is and how easy it is to get there, you can practice it frequently throughout your day. I particularly enjoy reminding myself of it, or going there, just before client sessions. I am also using the G.A.P. to “get into the Vortex” as Abraham likes to put it so that any activity I undertake is done from a different state of awareness. One where I have dropped all attachment to any sort of outcome whatsoever. Sound impossible? Then take 15 minutes and check it out for yourself.

Challenged By Meditating?

I personally have always found the concept of meditation a challenging one, assigning it to more ascended or conscious people than myself because I could never sit still, nor ever really figure out what the point by which to measure if I was doing it well or not (or at all) was.

But Tom puts it so clearly in the exercise, I feel like I now understand what all the gurus have been talking about, finally. And the good news, it only takes 10 minutes or so… and ultimately much less time than even that.

The interesting thing about going to the G.A.P. is that once I learned how to put my awareness on it, I discovered that I bring it back with me into my “regular” awareness once I’ve completed the exercise. And then once I made this realization, I then further realized that it never really goes anywhere because it is always there, in the background, operating like my computer’s virus protection software. Not in the sense that I need any protection though, let me be clear about that. Just the analogy of knowing that something is present and working without me having to think much about it or work hard at evoking it’s purpose.

Some other interesting things I’ve noticed since I began practicing the G.A.P. everyday, several times a day is that when I put my attention on it, it is noticeably larger than the noise of my thoughts which is a drastic change from what I noticed when I first started doing the exercise.

When I first began doing the exercise, after closing my eyes, I noticed my thoughts were rampant and very loud. I almost did not realize my thoughts were not me. Today, when I close my eyes and focus on going to the G.A.P., I notice the quiet backdrop of awareness is right there, immediately at the tip of my nose and I have to search around for my thoughts. “Where is one…? What is it saying to me? What rabbit hole does my intellectual being wish I would run away down into?”

There is always something there, a thought or two or several. However, what grabs my attention more so is the vastness of the quiet, awake and alive energy of the G.A.P.

And what’s different about my countenance or how I’m showing up in the world, is that I’m more relaxed and at peace with my present moment. I am also getting my being around the concept of not needing anyone or anything to show up differently than it is… an allowing, if you will.

And finally, a huge shift in my awareness is around what I am. I am the G.A.P. Using the G.A.P. has helped me realize I can choose to no longer participate in the drama of thinking I am separate from others. And there is a peacefulness and comfort in that new reality.

Even when I bring up my most challenging items of the day, from the perspective of the G.A.P., I am free to love the challenge even, to really let go and surrender any need for the challenge to change and be different so I can be more comfortable with it.

What? Yes. Go ahead and re-read that. I have several times because it’s a really cool feeling… a cocoon of freedom to be me and allows others to be who they choose to be.

From the perspective of the G.A.P., any chaos is a beautiful creative expression of something new coming forward into my experience so that I can play with it, learn from it and decide if it’s really what I want or not.

From the perspective of the G.A.P., I get to practice being a deliberate creator. Deliberate meaning I can relax into myself instead of making choices from a place of resisting what is. Or doing things in reaction to others.

From the perspective of the G.A.P., I can definitely Get My Vortex On which, after my encounter with Esther at an Abraham workshop this past Saturday, is what I’m really focused on at the moment.

Are you getting your Votex on? The G.A.P is my fast pass and can be yours too!

For more information about Tom Stone, you can visit his website or check out this community call where he and his buddy Michael Stratford poke mighty sharp sticks at the concept of trust and the notion of safety using The G.A.P. as an entry point. Or simply contact me for a free sample of one of his Pure Awareness techniques!

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