What Are You Asking For?

There is a universal force; call it Love, The Law of Attraction, or God, which is always eaves dropping on you. So what are you asking for?

At some point during this year, I made a commitment to myself to dig more deeply into understanding the Law of Attraction after reading Ask & It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I discovered Michael Losier while listening to Oprah & Friends and gobbled up his little book, Law of Attraction, in one sitting. I really appreciated the simplicity and practicality of his approach to explaining concepts that the movie The Secret offered as easy & effortless to apply.

One thing after another appeared in my life, leading me down this pathway of discovering more about the tools and techniques called processes, discussed in Ask & It Is Given.

Next was Elyse Hope Killoran’s Prosperity Partnership Program. Twelve weeks of Elyse’s powerful weekly teleclasses helping me to pivot out of lack and into prosperity and then anchor a Law of Attraction principle deeply into my being with guided meditations and a group of other like-minded individuals doing the same thing (be sure and check out Elyse’s latest project: a free 30-day online experiment designed to support and prove to yourself – once and for all – that you have the ability to generate more prosperity in your life).

And finally, I had the pleasure of coaching another coach who was attracted to the fear stuff I’m always talking about. An amazing woman named Mary Guiliani whose very presence I could palpably feel. That whole Esther thing of “Tapped in, Tuned in, Turned on” was evident in this woman’s life and she later shared with me that she taught a Law of Attraction class locally in Orange County, California with her partner, psychologist Anne Reith.

After working with Mary for several months, it became clear to me that she was really mastering the Law of Attraction, or at least mastered if far better than anyone I had personally come to know. So when she asked me to join her & Anne for her next live class last April, it was a no brainer.

Last night was week 21 of 24 Weeks To Mastering The Law Of Attraction. So much about this class has personally shifted me.

For one, I cannot stop telling people to read Money & The Law Of Attraction, one of the latest Hicks publications given to me by Mary. All summer, I sat out by the pool on my lunch breaks soaking in the rays and filling up on Abrahamisms.

“You can’t be focused on how much money you don’t have and expect more money to flow to you!”

“Tell the story of how you want it to be instead of telling the story of what is.”

“Nothing is more important than that I feel good.”

Just a few gems I picked up and if you coach with me now or tune into my BlogTalkRadio show, you’ll hear me spewing these concepts out left and right. Mostly because they totally support what I’ve already committed (this portion of) my life’s work to which is supporting people to transform their fear into a place of freedom; freedom from things like worry, lack and regret, so they can get out into our world and be the change we each individually and collectively want and need.

Last night was another Wednesday night I’ve come to know and love, always filled with tender sharing and expansion of the ideas and processes outlined in Ask & It Is Given. The topic was Meditation and Dream Analysis.

As usual, I was particularly interested in Abraham’s perspectives on both of these items, particularly because I had awoken Tuesday morning from a dream so terrible, I dare not even share it with my lover. I didn’t want to recall any part of it; in fact, I was doing whatever I could do to put the images out of my mind. I was haunted.

In last night’s class, I discovered a few questions to ask myself that allowed me to find relief from the contextual aspects of the dream as well as provide some helpful insights as to where I can put my focus so I can harness the information of the dream for my benefit instead of feeling shut down and frightened by it. Win!

And surprisingly, it was the Meditation piece that caught me off guard mostly because it aligned so beautifully with another teacher of mine I’ve talked about from time to time named Tom Stone.

Here’s what Abraham says about meditation:

When you quiet your mind, then you are offering no thoughts; and in the absence of thought, there is no resistance within you and the vibration of your being becomes high, fast and pure. When you achieve this state, then your point of attraction will now have changed. Your state of allowing will be in place. Things that you have been asking for will now flow gently into your experience. And as you come out of your state of meditation, this state of allowing will continue until you focus upon something that changes your vibrational frequency.

While meditating, you remove the resistance that has been holding your desires away from you. Remove the resistance, and your desires will begin to manifest.

Going From Working Hard To Working Smart

One of the many things I’ve anchored throughout this fantastic class is that I’ve personally been doing things kinda backwards. You see, I’ve been thinking that manifestation has to do with effort and with doing. And boy do I know how to work hard! Ask anybody whose ever worked with me, either in my previous incarnation as a corporate servant or even now as a small business owner… one thing I know for sure is that I have what it takes inside of me to be my own boss because I can be a freakin’ slave driver of the worst kind to myself. Sad huh?

Abraham boils it down like this… the more appropriate ratio is 90/10. 90% alignment to my wellbeing, 10% effort or doingness.

Huh? Wow backwards is an understatement.

So today, I began my day with Tom Stone’s the GAP technique. After this quick 15-minute presentation of the technique, you’ll see just how easy it is to do and that you can eventually practice simple 5-minute check in’s throughout your day which is exactly what I plan to do today and for the next 30 days, each morning.

Meditation: A Beginning Point Using The G.A.P. by Tom Stone (14m, 24s)

After last night’s class, I know that the choice to begin each day anchored into my well-beingness will carry me throughout my day bringing blessing and expansion to all my activities.

And who doesn’t want to flip the math on doing vs. (well) being? I know this process of living can be scary and crazy sometimes, but I’m not so crazy as to not be willing to try something new!

  • What have you been asking for? (Look to what your predominant thoughts are focused on for a clue.)
  • What tool or skill do you already know of that if practiced regularly might create shift for you?
  • Are you willing to make a commitment to practice it for the next 30 days?

I’m always interested in hearing from you. Please consider the fearless act of sharing below or by sending me an email.


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