Keeping The End In Mind

I’ve been getting some really good advice lately. Hangin’ out with Naomi Dunford of On a recent SpeakEasy call (Naomi’s private closed club of people getting their marketing shazaam on), she advised that all partnership “deals” be made with “the end” in mind or an “Exit Strategy.”

And I thought,

“Awe crap. That sucks. I have to think about that to have one. And I don’t particularly feel like mixing icky-crappy-feeling thoughts like that IN with the yum-more-Yes.Please-&-ThankYou feelings I have in the first place.”

And hindsight is 20/20 or whatever… whatever sums up the feelings better.

However, this morning, my “end in mind” thinking is being rearranged.  Rather, I’m thinking about the end in mind that you choose. I’m asking myself,

“Are my choices aligning to an ending I have in my mind? An ending that I can enjoy? Feel freedom in and around me? And one that I want?”

So I’m relearning, over and over, to trust my feelings. Trust and follow the good ones. Be in a place of feeling-good and be committed to noticing & nurturing that state of being more often than not.

I want to notice & nurture this at all times, but that feels like self-expectation which causes a chain reaction of things I do & think when I notice self-expectation. A whole other blog post, which I promise to write about so much you’ll be sick of hearing about it. Suffice it to say, my “practice” involves determining the opposite of hard on myself (sometimes called pivoting) and discover that, for me, I’m in a large swimming pool of self-compassion which ironically helps me feel-my-way to a more grounded-in-Love answer.

I’m definitely experiencing some endings right now. Ending is a strong word. And instead of focusing whatever the ending means, I’ve trained myself to focus on is what appears in the empty spaces, after the ending has ended. Who will show up? What will show up? And suddenly, I find myself sitting in a field of possibilities.

Endings. Possibilities.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about this morning. This and my current endings. And wanting to feel joy & freedom so thinking hard about the choices I can make today that will help me feel that.

  • Have you got your eye on your next ending?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • How do you want to feel about it?
  • If you are currently processing an ending, how do you support and care for yourself?



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