Do Over’s

Do you remember the “two second” rule? My brother and I lived by it growing up. If you dropped something on the ground, it didn’t count if you picked it up within two seconds.

Kind of like getting a do-over.

Do Over!

What would I do without do-overs? Honestly.

I would be a lot harder on myself than I already am.

A do-over implies that something got did. Over.

Transformed. Changed shape.

You’ve got to leave something behind, to get it done. To get your do-over.

Eyes forward or eyes back?

  • When was your last do-over?
  • What person/place/thing in your life could use a do-over?
  • What is lost if you choose not to do it over?
  • What is gained if you do, do it over?
  • How would you begin?

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