Corralling Your Email With Gmail

Gmail helps me corral my email into one place so I (hopefully) never miss it when you send me something.

Last time I talked about email accounts, only it was all about using the free email account you got when/if you’re using Godaddy to purchase & manage your domain name (what’s that?).

Why I Love Gmail

There are many, many other things that make Gmail cool other than these two things I’m about to mention that make Gmail really cool for me.

Numero Uno

The advantage of having an internet hosted email account (an email account with an internet email service provider such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail) is that no matter what computer you’re using, if it has internet connection, you can use it to access your email. From anywhere. In the world. Just need an internet-enabled computer. Score!

I like this option for traveling without my laptop or for when my computer (usually a hardware kinda thingy but software too) goes haywire like during some mercury retrograde periods.

Numero Dos

Corralling your email. Oh yes, yes, yes! The point of this post! I have several different email accounts.

Quick example:

  • mynde_mayfield  (at)  yahoo  (dot)  com,
  • Mynde  (at)  CStars4U  (dot)  com,
  • Mynde  (at)  CognizanceCoaching  (dot)  com,
  • LifeCoach (at)  FreeFromFear  (dot)  net…
  • I could go on…

If you are like me and also have several different email accounts, then using Gmail to corral all your various accounts into one Gmail account is the bomb! Using the Gmail “Account Tab” options, I can send email from my new-and-recently-set-up free Godaddy email account to my main email client (I’m on a Windows-based machine so I’m using Microsoft Outlook). And voilla, I’m receiving email from up to 5 email addresses in one place, where I like to read it!

Did you get all that?

I’m a little pressed for time this morning. I have family folks visiting for this wonderful week ending in fireworks. You know the one… the 4th o’July! Woot! o/

So instead of doing the whole screenshot-y thing which I normally like to do, you’ll have to check out some other cool resources I’ve dug up.

Attention: there may be some very short advertising slickness on the front end of these; be sure and hang tight for the video tutorial goodness!

  • Login to your Gmail Account, the corraller (this is your primary/gmail account).  Don’t have one? No problem, watch this short video (2m 25s) on how to set one up.
  • What this video called Accounts Tab in Gmail Settings (5m, 24s), which will show you how to make contact with your recently set-up free Godaddy email account(that came with your web hosting package). In this video, the instructor will cover:
    • Telling your Gmail address to display a different email address (specifying a different “Reply to” address) – cool for being super sneaky and basically “masking” your email address label so it says what you want it to say
    • Getting email from other accounts using a POP (sounds scary, keep watching though) – this is the corral part, where Gmail swoops in like an Internet Superhero and gathers all your email into one location. w00t! o/ It then stands-by at attention, awaiting for your instructions for where to send it unless you like to read it on the web, using someone else’s computer from a coffee shop in Italy. double w00t o/ o/

And if you’re still having challenges, you can set-up a WordPress consulting session to hold your hand through the process.

More Resources

Yee-Haw! Email Corralled

Your several email addresses are now nicely organized and being checked for you by Gmail. But what if you aren’t in Italy using someone else’s computer accessing the Google website to log in and retrieve your email? What if you are using your own computer which might be a Mac or Windows based machine?

How do you fetch the Gmail emails from Outlook or set it up for Apple Mail?

This Rodeo’s A Wrap

So that is how I use Gmail today. Seriously makes things a lot easier for me. And I get to tell people “it doesn’t matter what email you send it to.” It all comes to one place anyway – my Inbox!

Besides, in the-not-so-distant-future, things can change (they always do)…

Until next time,

One thought on “Corralling Your Email With Gmail

  1. Hi Mynde,

    A quick, deep and sincere THANK YOU for all the tutorials you worked to put up here in an attractive and digestible manner erp! and for all the info you have ‘corralled’ here. yee ha! SO much important, useful and relevant information right here and available!


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