Setting Up Your Free GoDaddy Email Account

Did you know that if you buy a domain with GoDaddy, you get one free email account with it?

Why is this important for you to know? Well, I hear a lot of requests from clients participants who have gotten their tech savvy on in one of my workshops. They say something like, “I’d really enjoy a more professional looking email address or one that matches my new website!” Example: trade in mynde_mayfield (at) yahoo (dot) com email for mynde (at) myndemayfield (dot) com.

So this post is all about getting your free GoDaddy email activated so that you can plug your new, professional looking email in everywhere on your web presence.

The “How-To-Do-It” Part

The first thing you’ll want to do is sign in to your GoDaddy account. Once you’ve signed in, hover over “Email” in the top navigation and select “My Email Account” under Email Management.

Now look for the yellow box in (about) the center of your web browsing screen. You can see in my example below that I’ve highlighted the portion you’re looking for and it says “Free email with domain – Personal Email (1 GB Total/1 Box).” Directly to the right of this is a hyperlink “Use Credit” with the total number of available “free email boxes” in parenthesis to the right. Let’s click it!

Once you click “Use Credit,” the right hand side of your web screen will refresh and present a panel that lists the domain(s) available to use your free email credit with.

Select the domain you want to use (if you only have one domain name with GoDaddy, then there will only be one option) and scroll down the panel and click the green continue button.

Once you’ve clicked the green continue button, you’ll see that the center of your web browsing screen will either show the domain’s newly created email under Email Plans (just below the yellow box from above) or add it to an existing list of domains. In my example below, I’ve highlighted the newly created email which you can see sits between several other email accounts assigned to various domains I previously secured with GoDaddy. If this is your only domain with GoDaddy, you’ll only have one “Manage Account” link to click.

After clicking the Manage Account link for your email box, your browser will open a new tab called Email Control Center (see screenshot below).

In the smaller pop-up that says “You have new or unused email plans!” Click the “Add Address” button. On the very right hand side of the new screen that’s shown you’ll see another gold “Add” button. Click it!

A new pop-up called “Create Mailbox” will appear in the center of your web browsing screen. Fill in the blanks including the Email address, domain and password.

Leave the “Space for this mailbox” as-is (you can change any of these settings later if you want to reallocate more or less space among other free email accounts if you have other GoDaddy domain names).

Also, I never check the “catch-all” checkbox unless you want a lot more spam. You can click the “What is this?” hyperlink to get GoDaddy’s explanation of what this checkbox option does.

Finally, click the gold “OK” button at the bottom of the pop-up when you’re finished.

You’ll see that once the pop-up closes, you’ll be returned to a web browsing screen that shows that your recently added mailbox is pending setup (I’ve highlighted this in the screenshot below). It can take up to a few hours for GoDaddy to do it’s behind-the-scenes thang, however, most of the time, it takes less than an hour. I just keep refreshing the screen (by hitting my F5 key) and waiting for the status to change to active.

Once it is active, go ahead and begin plugging in your new email that features your custom domain in it all over the place (web pages, blogs, biz cards, forums, etc.)

Using Your Free GoDaddy Email

Just so I don’t leave you hanging, GoDaddy does offer a web browsing ability where you log in with your GoDaddy ID and password and read/send new email from your new GoDaddy email account.

This is handy but not something I use mostly because I have so many free GoDaddy emails, it’s kinda of cumbersome.

Next week I’ll talk about what I do use, to corral all my emails from various custom domains, into one place, my Outlook Inbox.

In the meantime though, GoDaddy has a thorough email help section online that can step you through connecting your GoDaddy email to Microsoft Outlook or your Apple computer.

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4 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Free GoDaddy Email Account

  1. Great article and very helpful. I have just followed your simple steps. Can you help me set it up so all my emails are forwarded to my gmail account?

    Thanks in advance



  2. Hi @Kevin, the post you want is called Corralling Your Email With GMail and it’s here… I’ll also update the post with a link in the body.

    Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful.


  3. It helps! Thank you!


  4. thanks for this article… very, very helpful… now, i get to use my free email for my own domain… many thanks again!!!


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