No More Static Web Pages

Blogger For A Business Website? A 3-post series for considering instead of building a traditional website.

Is Your Website Just Sitting There?

Everyone meet Julie Johnston from She is one of my most favorite people on the planet right now, not just because we share the same birthday either.

Julie has a website for her business as a psychic medium where she does remote healings and stuff over the phone plus works with people in person. She is super coolio and down to earth and occasionally bangs on drums or gives me special animal friends to help me with my own healing processes in her special “Julie” ways.

She has a static website and like most people really does not have the HTML background, nor does she want to learn it, to update the content. Her website has sat, out there, in internet-land, pretty much doing nothing as she, a cool thriving person, grows and changes. What sucks about this is that her website no longer “feels congruent” with who she is. She’s wanted to make some changes for a while. She has a couple of ideas already of what changes she wants to make. She also wants a place to blog or write and put Julie-goodness out onto the internet00bs. She has a blog already at Blogger but isn’t really using it as much as she would like to.

So Julie and I get on the phone one day

Julie, “I love my logo, too much pink, too static and I want to write.”

Mynde, “Cool. Let’s put you in full control of your web site so it can grow and change with you!”

Julie, “Um, okay.”

Mynde, “We’ll take what’s really important from your static have-to-hire-someone-to-make-updates website and put it on Blogger and use your existing blogspot. We’ll make some tweaks so important links are consistent and easy to findThose things you’ve wanted done will get done and you can start doing more of what you *want* to be doing, like writing.

Julie, “You mean, I won’t have to pay this web hosting bill anymore?”

Mynde, “Exactly. I will show you how to do it. You can watch from your own computer screen. I’ll give you a tune-up on what you already know about Blogger but also show you some really cool “that’s-how-you-do-that” stuff. It will be fun. You’ll get notes and help and turn your just-sitting-there web stuff into something that is working for you and your business! Good bye static website, hello blogging world!”

Julie, “Oh, I’m so excited. Really? I can do that? There’s been some updates I’ve wanted to make.”

Mynde, “Yup!”

Julie, “YES!!! Oh, I’m so excited. ”

Mynde, “Julie, what are you going to write about?”

Julie giggles, “I don’t know yet but I’m sure I will soon enough!”

Are You Julie Or Have Some Similar Web-Stuff Issues?

Think you’re ready to get your Blogger on? Get started! Still have a question? More ways to reach me can be found here.


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