Technology Baby!

I have this amazing story to tell you. Get some tea, whatever comfort creatures you delight in and I’ll tell you all about TECHNOLOGY BABY!


A Business Root Sprouts

End of Summer 2007 during a type of mastermind-ey call, I ask Wendy if she’d be interested in hearing a proposal I had to teach coaches how to build their own websites. I was looking around my world and asking myself questions like, “where can I transfer some of my ‘feel’ good activities into helping others and generating income. I had a ton, and I mean a ton of technology skills and talent to transfer into my small business services and needed cash, income, dinero! This was a huge opening and shift in how I had been looking at being self-employed while dancing my special dance. Alternate streams of income, right?

So I tell Wendy about this plan I have to help meet a need I see in my world. Part of my world is Fearless Living. Actually, a very big part of my world. Fearless Living is a community of coaches and people in general who want to discover ways to deal with their fears. People get coaching and training to become a coach and practice the same stuff, talk the same language. It’s pretty cool. Set me “free,” in a lot of ways. And I give it five stars for anyone who is into personal growth. Anyways, there were a lot of cool folks, trying to be all fearless and stuff, and one of their biggest blocks was using the web to do that and I just happen to have all these cool webified skills. Hm.

Knowing Your Tribe & Getting “The Right” Support

Wendy has been part of my fearless tribe for a while. And I remembered her mentioning she was a web head too so I thought mostly, “I wonder if this is good enough?” and then in popped a thought about Wendy so I was fearless one day and asked her to look at it with me.

I also knew from my coaching experiences that I was taking some big new steps. Using some old skills (technology) and new skills (teaching, coaching, mentoring) to show up in new ways. Accountability always helps here when we’re doing new & different things. Also, doing new & different things with people we resonate with, feel supported by and safe to be with helps too. Have I just described the coaching relationship? Indeed! I said, “Wendy, what do you think?” and then I became so impressed with my boldness I said, “What about joining me too?”

And here we are. Your Web Coaches. An idea that actually became something. Here’s a tiny bit more on how the process unfolded.

Getting Clear On Your Business Intention

The first thing Wendy and I did, after being excited about what was possible, was talk about the parts that scared us. We both knew, because of a particular interest and study of fear, we would encounter some uncomfortableness along the way and further from our studies, we have acquired and frequently practice special tools to get Jedi with it, our fear that is. One Jedi move is called intention. Fear just does a brilliant job of covering up unique aspects of our selves that would naturally express if fear wasn’t in the way mucking it all up. Wendy and I defined an intention that would support us for when things got scary and weird and when we were definitely outside what feels normal and comfortable for us. Here’s what we discovered.

The Your Web Coaches Business Roots

When fear flies in, our FUN meters sort of crashed so we needed a mantra to help us remember to have fun, all the time. It really matters and counts and is part of making friends with technology. So fun is a core value or one of our roots of the YWC business tree. Keeping fun front and center is very important.

Speaking of fun, we also noticed how much fun it was to EMPOWER other people, to give them a sense of “I can do it!” Totally rewarding and effortless with the right people (our perfect clients). This became a critical element in our decision making as well. From fun came empowerment, another clue we were “in the zone.”

Finally, SHARE came up. I think even this week during our regular strategy call together, we got closer to “connect” which feels like where sharing comes from or what we do when we connect. We used it initially to anchor us into the awareness that what we have naturally, as who we uniquely are, can be shared to empower other people and we can have fun doing it.

Ta-dah! Empower, fun, share pretty much sums up how we work.

Business Roots and Decision-Making

Now I mentioned decision-making and this is crucial (if you’ve been reading Wendy’s blog posts on the Business Tree,
this will make even more sense). When our decisions for our business (or our lives) connects back to a root (value), we can check for resonance. Not super hard. Not a ton of effort required to “figure it out,” sensations in your body will help to inform you too! Bottom line is, if it doesn’t match with what YOUR primary business intention is (your roots or core values), then don’t do it! Or maybe just wait also. Waiting in neutral works well too!

Fast forward to today. And here you are. Here we are. And it’s pretty simple really. If you’ve got a technology problem, we combine technology “know-how” with a life coach-ey type approach to help you grow your business, from the inside out. That’s why we call it organic. Because it is all really you in the end. I’ve got some cool Jedi tricks to use with Fear and Wendy has a compassionate, in-plain-english, approach to technology. I love technology, always have & think I always will and am not throwing the baby out with bath water just because I left Corporate America (Ok, I ran out as if my hair was on fire!) Multiple streams of income baby! Baby baby.

Oh Yeah, Jedi Moves Called Intention

So that is the story of ‘how’ – and our business roots (core values) tell you a bit more about the ‘why’s’. Oh and the intention part, here that is. An intention is all about practicing how you want to show up in the moment. That’s it. Wendy and I use our roots to remind ourselves that no matter how uncomfortable or scary we might feel, we are willing to BE our business roots in any given moment. We say, “Oh this is new and different and I’m freaked-the-****-out” and then remind ourselves that we are most fulfilled and in the zone when we are having fun, and sharing our wisdom and knowledge in an empowering way. Acknowledge feelings, act on commitments. Jedi!

If you are ready to get clear on what really matters to you and your business and translate that in a purposeful & empowered way using technology, we are your Wonder Twins! We get Jedi through Technology Baby!

Until next time!

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  1. ode to burning treehouses. || this post published exactly one year ago today. kinda sad & kinda not.


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