52% Obama, 48% McCain

That’s almost half & half. Half of us are elated. Half of us are not. Period. So now what?

For those that are pissed off and wanted a different outcome on Nov. 4th, there is no going back. You can either complain for the next four years or go forward.

You can surround yourself in the disempowering language of complaining about it, blaming, calling names, using hate. It speaks to your position and where you stand. It’s a choice.

We disagree. Half of us disagree with the other half. How will you choose to show up in that disagreement? Will you call names, will you say things like “I hate Obama / the gays / etc.?”

What kind of world do you want? Does this position help you get there?

Five Steps to More Powerful Communication

  1. Be responsible.
    How you receive and deliver information is your responsibility. Hate is as hate speaks/does. Love is as Love speaks/does.
  2. Give Yourself & Others a Break
    We are all doing the best we can. Approach all your conversations looking for ways to connect and share more of who you are, from a place of Love. Not from the place of being ready to judge them as wrong so you can be right. The need to be “right” only leads to separation and inevitably war.
  3. Choose Your Language Consciously
    The words you say to other people advertise who you are, what you believe, and what you value. The language you use can empower yourself & others or keep you trapped in your fear (judgment, blame, name-calling).
  4. Redefine “Listening”
    Two ears, one mouth… in that proportion. When you are in a conversation and you are thinking about what you are going to say next, you are not really listening. Be willing to be receptive, open and in the moment; instead of being a few seconds in the future, waiting for a pause so you can argue your point.
  5. Practice detachment.
    Everything isn’t about you. When you take things personally, it SHOWS. And people you are speaking with will pick up on this and decide it’s not safe to speak freely. Where is true authenticity in this position? Where is connection? Where is intimacy (in to me see)?

I am not afraid of the threat of going to hell because hell is here, when we are divided and standing against each other, calling names, blaming, shaming, judging. That is hell.

Heaven is not a condition or place. Heaven is the awareness of our Oneness.

Today, I dare you to look toward the 50% who are “against” you and see where you share similarities.

I can think of a few, can you?

  • We all Love this beautiful country.
  • We all Love our freedoms that many have given their lives to uphold.
  • We all want to feel safe… especially when expressing our uniqueness and individuality.
  • We all feel shitty when we are attacked for our thoughts, beliefs & opinions.

How will you choose to show up when we disagree? Because, right now, we all disagree. And we can either pull ourselves down into hate and take up positions of war against our brothers & sisters or we can take the risk to stretch beyond the easy way of calling names and being “against” each other and instead consciously choose the position of responsibility and BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.

Our children are watching.


One thought on “52% Obama, 48% McCain

  1. Christy (shineyourlightcoach)

    Beautiful words my friend. one of my fave posts


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