Online Business School

You might have heard me mention in my last few posts two names: Havi & Naomi. I took this fab teleclass last month that is *still* rocking my world. And now, I am totally excited about Naomi’s latest thing called Online Business School.

Whether you’re a single parent, a cubicle dweller, an online business owner, a stay-at-home parent or just some dude looking to finally pay off your Visa, there is still time to take back your power.

I seriously cannot recommend these women and all the cool stuff they are doing enough. Yes this is an affiliate link because they believe in paying it forward, only ONE of the reasons I love them so much. Other reasons include:

  • helping me feel like I don’t suck when I promote my cool wares,
  • calming techniques,
  • beating procrastination
  • becoming an SEO pro and
  • that great feeling of “tribe” (you know when you meet cool people and you say to yourself I really like them, I want to hang out with them, I am their peeps and I think they are my peeps).

So here’s the dealio! Naomi’s Online Business School is getting ready to launch. To figure out if you are part of her tribe (or she is part of your’s) go here now and read this post. You’ll know after reading just a few words. At least I did, when I feel in love with her (and Havi). Follow the directions for more good stuff from Naomi.

Don’t just take my word for it (or do, because you love me and trust me and all that jazz).

Why We’re Broke and How To Fix It (you know, as in SNL’s Oscar Rogers “Fix it! Fix it fix it fix it! FIX IT NOW!)

Ready? Then go here now. And stay tuned because I know I’ll be writing about how great Online Business School is all month long.

One thought on “Online Business School

  1. Hi Mynde! I don’t think I’ve ever found your coach website before. your MM bud,Amy


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