My new “rope” to grab onto is “BE HAPPY NOW”

I’ve heard Rhonda talk about grabbing onto a rope when we feel spinny… that funky-fear spinny. Confused, unclear… when you are in this moment she has used the metaphor of grabbing the rope. The rope can be ANYTHING that supports your freedom. Anything is defined by each of us uniquely. Some of my “anythings” (called Proactive Behaviors in Fearless Living talk) are remembering my essential nature of trust, asking myself a powerful question, breathing, taking a break, random acts of kindness, etc.

Today, I had the opportunity to hear Joe Vitale talk in a short YouTube video clip. Many of you know I am a fan of his. I’ve read Zero Limits and Attractor Factor and of course, seen him in The Secret like you.

Thank you Joe for reminding me about your powerful statement from Zero Limits, “Be happy now!” Also in this video, he talks about a “phrase of words.” I have been practicing the phrasing on EVERYTHING in my life recently. I used it while traveling in Europe last month when I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been using it everyday, especially when I become aware of the feeling of uncomfortableness in my own body. I notice the feeling and ask myself, “Why am I uncomfortable? What thought has this experience come from?” And say the phrase for that too. I say it even when things feel good and right and joyful (spontaneous gratitude). I say it as often as I can remind myself to say it.

Say it?! SAY WHAT?!?! What am I talking about? What phrase? Well watch Joe’s video clip and then comment if you like. My new rope to grab onto is “be happy NOW!” Widgets

2 thoughts on “My new “rope” to grab onto is “BE HAPPY NOW”

  1. Peace and Love

    lOVE YOUR BLOG. Great reminder to live in the NOW and be grateful for what you have. I follow a few recipes from “Living The Secret Everyday” that are similar: When a negative or uncomfortable feeling or thought enters my mind: I say to myself- ‘I WILL RECEIVE WHAT I CHOOSE TO THINK…MY FEELINGS GUIDE ME.’ I THINK ABOUT WHAT THE SOURCE OF THE FEELING IS AND TELL MYSELF ‘IT’S OK… IN FACT I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS AWARENESS OF THIS NEGATIVE THOUGHT/FEELING…AWARENESS IS THE BEGINNING OF RELEASING IT. I’M ON MY WAY.’ THEN I ALWAYS SAY: ‘ I LOVE YOU, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU, I WILL ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOU.’This is magic for me- such a great cleanse.


  2. Mynde Mayfield, Certified Fearless Living Coach

    Thank you Peace and Love! Awareness *is* the beginning of a new choice which is indeed another thing to be grateful for… awareness, choice, my awareness of my awareness WOW! Now that’s powerful!


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