Coaching vs. Counseling, what’s the difference?

Ok, so here’s the deal…

Therapy is really a good thing, I think. I believe anything that helps you process your stuff, move through the things that challenge you or keeps you up at night, is critical.

Sometimes, we need a witness. Usually, we just need our self to be that witness, but this is often scary. For whatever reasons, we think life might change too much… or too fast, for us to handle. So having someone there with us is comforting. An intercessory with wisdom to share in an way that is removed enough from your own personal situations/stories to be able to give us the benefit of reflection.

Therapy, to me, is the best medicine for healing old wounds from our past. The ones that may not have ever been acknowledged. Certainly by ourselves, but usually, acknowledged by the people who held starring roles in those stories. Family dynamics. Relationships. An event or situation.

Sometimes, we just need to be heard.

Therapy, to me, is about talking out those stories. Giving them room to breathe. And not being hurled into defending or  protecting them.

With coaching, the emphasis is on the here-and-now. Coaching will help you expand your current set of tools and skills and then practice applying them to your everyday life. A coach will also help you take complex situations and break them into smaller, digestible pieces so we can derive our own clarity and take action from that place; to follow or pursue something meaningful or important to us.

A dream or idea for how we’d like our life to be.

In coaching, there will be a lot less story telling and more focus on what we can do today to move, or at least, help you face in the direction you want to go. Sometimes, we don’t know what that looks like. Sometimes, we get too concerned with the “why” and the “how” and end up being our own saboteur.

Coaching is about reorienting yourself to yourself. And rediscovering that your own personal truth is the most powerful momentum there is.


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