Sunday, May 18, Netherlands

Do you like flowers? What about tulips… something the Dutch are now famous for? We visited Keukenhof , also known as the Garden of Europe or the world’s largest flower garden. This blog will be short and sweet because the pictures will speak for themselves. We originally took over 500 pictures of just the gardens and have narrowed it down (phew) to what we think are the most amazing. Also of note, it must have been a special day for St. Bernard owners as we encountered over a dozen in the park. These large lovable dogs captured everyone’s attention as you will see in some of our photos.

After Keukenhof, it was off to Richard’s father’s home to celebrate his 60th birthday. We spent the evening meeting more of Richard’s wonderful dutch family including his beautiful young nieces, Esmee who is 4 years old and Sophia, nearly 2 years. It turns out that the girls watch a program here in the Netherlands called Mega Mindy. I am a superhero from Belgium! We had some fun with the girls, encouraging them to sing the theme song.

After returning to Richard’s place, we had planned to go out into town with Catherina & Sikke however since it was Sunday night and not much happening in downtown Sneek we stayed at Richard’s place instead. We chatted until after midnight once again testing what it looks like for Mynde to fall asleep during a conversation, lol.
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