Thursday, May 15, Athens

After we slept in more than we’ve slept in on any other day on this trip, we rolled out of bed at 8:15 a.m.! We enjoyed a continental breakfast and checked email, etc. and then headed out to see the Acropolis on what was turning out to be a very clear and warm day in Athens. WOW!

I think we saw more people visiting the Acropolis than we saw on all the islands combined! Yes, as Andrea likes to say, “Look, more rocks!” but these rocks have been around for over 2,000 years and are quite impressive when you are standing right before a column that’s as high as a 3 or 4 story building. Andrea took lots of pictures and we even shot a short vid for your quick viewing pleasure.

After our morning of walking around the Acropolis and working on our tans, we found an adjacent shopping village and flea market called Monastiraki. The restaurant prices in this area were a bit cheaper than in the Plaka, however we kept moving on because we seemed to “pick-up” a stranger we affectionately nicknamed “creepshow.” Andrea and I both noticed someone was following us and at a very uncomfortably close proximity. Now I don’t want to “make stuff up” yet Andrea and I did our best to get clear on this guy’s intention by walking in a circle. We would stop, he would stop. Eventually we found the entrance to Ancient Agora, which we had ticket for with the purchase of our Acropolis tickets and he could not follow us in 🙂 We walked around Ancient Agora taking pictures and appreciating more spectacular architecture of the remains of the Bouleuterion.

Eventually we wandered back to our room at Hotel Phaedra and picked up gyros for lunch on the way and then headed back into the Plaka’s flea market for some shopping. We walked around shopping, had our “regular” afternoon snack of tzatziki with a beverage and then headed to our room for an afternoon on our veranda.

In case you have not figured it out, there is not a lot to do in the Plaka area of Athens except shop, eat and drink, and look at ruins…not bad options or complaints in any way as this was THE BEST location I could possibly think to be in during the stay in Athens. My point is, when we are not looking at some amazing site (ie: The Acropolis), we are having a snack or shopping for something we cannot possibly live without. Needless to say, with the length of the trip and the value of the dollar, we will not be bringing home many treasures…so instead, we will eat Greek food, window shop our hearts out and take roughly a million pictures to serve as our memories. That said, dinner was yet ANOTHER gyro, fries and Mythos draft beer. (No, we still have not reached our gyro limit)!

(Still catching up on blogs!!)
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