Sunday, May 11, Mykonos/Naxos

For our final morning on Mykonos, we enjoyed our hotel’s continental breakfast (excellent), packed up our stuff and got ready for our early afternoon transfer to the port and ferry over to Naxos, a quick 45-minute trip.

After our goodbye’s with Roy and Garry, we spent our morning in Mykonos town shopping and walking in the breezy sunshine. The weather is not as warm as had been earlier on our trip AND we are not complaining. So we’ve lived in our sweatshirts! Who cares… we’re in Greece!

The ferry trip to Naxos was very quick and when we arrived, it was slightly drizzling. Again, not the weather we hoped for but perfect nonetheless. We found our very basic accommodations via taxi (sometimes it’s easier to pay for the taxi for the convenience of not having to figure out where the hotel is because they get to do that for us).

Naxos is again, very unique. It reminds me of a bigger Milos, with lots of winding roads and farms. Naxos is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades and does not rely on tourism as it’s primary source of income. We’ve noticed how this changes how the locals treat you; overall, not as desperate for your money/business. This allows us to just enjoy ourselves and island much more.

We explored Naxos’ little port village, with lots of small shops, restaurants and bakeries and ended up at “Lotto Restaurant” with our first “homestyle” dinner. It was still greek food, however, it was combined in a way that made us feel like we were home in America. I had fried calamarie, fries, greek salad and tzatziki. Andrea had chicken souvlaki, greek salad, fries and tzatziki. It was very good and very affordable too!

For the first time, Andrea and I both shared with each other that we were getting nervous about returning home. Back to life, back to reality… and the fact that we both are looking at getting more traditional jobs to support ourselves and begin paying for our next trip. We both talked about our fears and anxiety about finding jobs that “fit” us… we so want to live life THRIVING instead of surviving as the owner of the Santorini restaurant had reminded us. I immediately began shifting myself into possibility and trust. I shared with Andrea that I want to be excited to go home and excited about what is before me… whatever job it is. IF I return to corporate or find something else that fits better for me, I want to be excited and trust that I will be very happy and fulfilled. I also thought about my coach and the wonderful work we’re doing together and how she is supporting me to get really clear.

After our deeper dinner talk, we headed back to our room to settle in and found “Mr & Mrs Smith” on TV with greek subtitles. YAY! An english movie we can watch and fall asleep to… tomorrow we will explore Naxos either via scooter or car depending on the weather.


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