Wednesday, May 7, Santorini

Ok, we have switched drivers for a moment…it’s Andrea behind the keyboard today.

I have to start by saying what an AMAZING time I am having on this trip (even all the small hiccups have been exciting and fun to the Sagittarius in me…)!! I am so very happy that I decided to make an island hopping adventure of it as each island (3 thus far) has been so immensely different and has each added its own little bit of pleasure to “my Greek vacation.” I am trying my best to capture the “feel” of each island, but I know that photos can only show so much–I just have to remember to move from behind the camera and take in every moment, every memory and every breath-taking view!

We were asked yesterday what our “favorite” memory of the trip so far is and I had a very hard time even answering one thing…so I guess my answer is “every part.” Ok ok so that is the easy answer, but seriously, I cannot think of one favorite…that would not be fair to the other 10,000 favorites…right?

Alright, let’s get to the summary of our first day in Santorini. After arrival at 7:00am, and some challenges with the local bus system (although very efficient, sometimes it is better to splurge and spend the cash for a taxi), we settled in our room at the Blue Dolphin in Firastefani (just above the capital, Fira, with an AWESOME view of the “caldera”). We were just in time for their “buffet” breakfast of homemade marmalade, yogurt, cake, breads, cereal, eggs and OJ–YES! Then we got our car (included in the price of the room–whoa a beautiful view, breakfast AND a car?!? talk about PERFECT!) and headed out to see some of the island. We just pointed the car in a direction and drove–deciding at each sign which way we would go. Somehow, we ended up driving all the way to the top of “Ancient Thira”–or at least as far as we could drive and then we hiked the rest. I found it interesting–what is left of an ancient civilization–but there were times when I thought “wow some old rocks” (sorry Historians but my mind’s eye has a hard time picturing times past.)

Below Ancient Thira, and our next stop, Kamari Beach. It is easy to see that this is one happening place during the “busy season”–which, obviously, is not now as every waiter and proprietor is really trying to get us to eat their food or buy from their shop. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the best Tatziki and gyro thus far and some fun conversation with the local waiters. English is spoken almost everywhere here…and the cruise-ship tourists were only a minor nuisance to us…I guess I have to give them a break since we are tourists ourselves.

We made an early night of it…not because I am getting old, but rather because we got very little sleep on the ferry and I had big plans to get up before dawn to go to Oia for some photography that rivals the pros (in my own mind at least). Dinner was snacks from a little mini-market–what better than cheese pie? What a wonderful day on Santorini island!


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