Tuesday, May 6, Sifnos/Santorini

Have I mentioned the steps in Greece? There must be millions of them… closely followed in number only by churches. Steps and steeples. It’s wonderful and at the same time, my body is sore from climbing, walking and on days where we change islands, we each lug 40 lbs. of luggage also!

We chatted with a four-some from Wisconsin in the internet cafe on Sifnos and they asked us what we were doing for “nightlife.” Andrea and I both joked about it later. We are too tired to even think about nightlife. Since dinner usually begins after 8pm, we are lucky to make it through our meal.

Last night was the overnight ferry ride from Sifnos to Santorini. Even though we purchased sleeping berths, we were both nervous about missing our stop on Santorini and so only managed about 4 solid hours of rest.

We rose for our final day in Sifnos, packed up our bags and headed out for a coffee and quick stroll to Artemonis, a part of the island we had still not visited. As I mentioned before, we are doing a LOT of moving about… our bodies can speak to this! It’s great support actually, to eat a meal and then have a quick stroll back to our rooms, usually up stairs that get our hearts beating and our legs/bottoms burning. We practice taking long strides to make it count 🙂

We returned to our room around 11am, hungry for lunch. I prepared the remaining pasta and a “to-go” container for dinner later in Kamares where we would catch our ferry to Santorini at 10pm. Andrea’s sinuses are under immense strain here, so she slept a bit after taking some medication from the local pharmacy (it’s that simple here, you walk into the pharmacy and tell them what ails you and they give you something.)

After catching the bus from Apollonia back down to the port, we read and sunbathed for a few hours. It felt really nice to relax. Our Netherlander friends showed up for their 6pm ferry so we enjoyed the afternoon with them; sharing a meal and good conversation once again.

After seeing them off, we headed to a local mini-market to purchase some refreshments for cold pesto pasta dinner with our fingers, sharing a few pieces of pasta with a very hungry cat. I was surprised he ate it at all, but I guess when you’re hungry, you’ll eat almost anything.

As we sat on the beach eating, we realized after we purchased our refreshments in bottles that we had no bottle opener. As Andrea busied herself trying to MacGyver the caps off, a woman’s voice in a New Zealand accent chimed in, “Having any luck?” Long story short, we met a wonderful couple who are on holiday for three months! We chatted them up, even through their dinner! Heather, a recent empty-nester mom and Neil, a vet. I must say, it is beyond joyful to meet and connect with so many new people. The moment we sent the Netherlanders off on their ferry, Andrea and I immediately claimed we were ready to met and connect with new people to “fill the gap” and presto, Heather and Neil appear. Our world and the mystery of it, continue to amaze us!

We are grateful for this adventure and the many people we are meeting along the way!



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