Sunday, May 4, Sifnos

Rose around 7am for a stunning sunrise from our veranda. Ate a small breakfast consisting of tea, orange juice, soft cheese, croissant. Got dressed and headed to a beautiful beach called Vathi by bus but not before bumping into our Netherlander friends touring Apolonia in the morning sunshine. Sifnos has an excellent bus system… 1.2 euro pp one way, running every two-three hours. Perfect for an afternoon in the sunshine.

The beach was relatively secluded. We noticed a greek woman bathing topless so we got brave, sunscreened our boobies and removed our tops! Woo hoo! It didn’t last too long because the sun was warm and we wanted to walk about. We had lunch at a recommended local establishment that was literally feet from the lapping sea. The owner of the Studio we were staying at, Kostas, was having lunch with his friend Peter (can’t remember the Greek name for Peter). We had met Kostas at breakfast time when he explained to us in very poor English how to read the bus schedule. When we asked him about getting coffee, he invited us in and prepared instant coffee for us and served us almond biscuits. It was a surprise to see him and Peter, later at the Vathi restaurant enjoying lunch. We waved and Andrea got a meal recommendation which was delicious. Andrea and I dined on Tzatziki (seeming to be a mainstay on our menu these days) and lamb & potatoes roasted in a wood burning clay oven. Delicious! I am not a fan of lamb, however this was so good. If you hadn’t told me it was lamb, I wouldn’t have guessed it.

We headed back to our Studio after about 3 ½ hours on the beach to freshen up and rest a bit. In Greece, everyone has dinner so late 8-10 p.m.) so we rested up and then headed into town about 7:30 p.m. Since we are on a budget, we hunted down our now favorite meal, Gyros which can be purchased for around 2-3 euros each. What a bargain! Much better on our budget than in Milos where were spending near 20 euros each night for our dinners. Beer is as cheap as soda here… around 2-3 euros each. So we usually have a local beer called Mythos or a dutch beer (Amstel or Heineken).

After filling our bellies, we headed back to the room early to settle in for the movie “Kite Runner” from my laptop since TV is mostly all in greek. On our first night, we happened to catch an English Lindsay Lohan movie with greek subtitles. Heck we were happy to just hear englies! Kit Runner is Great flick. Highly recommend it if you are a compassion-junkie as I am!

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