Saturday, May 3, Milos/Sifnos

We rose early and started packing for our ferry to Sifnos. Later, in the port of Adamas, we were joined by our host Yonas for coffee and great conversation, comparing our cultures. He had a lot of questions about Americans for which Andrea and I both basically said the biggest contrast is that in America, everyone does everything at hyperspeed. Everything!

We returned our scooter and finished packing up and captured some photos of Yonas’ other Studio unit, promising to email them to him for his website. Yonas works in Athens teaching Mechanical Engineering, has a beautiful greek wife and two small children (the children we did not meet but we did see pictures).

We caught our ferry around 2pm and headed for Sifnos, a 3 hour journey, stopping by Kimilos on the way. While waiting for the ferry to arrive, a small family arrived to wait nearby and Andrea immediately recognized they were speaking Dutch. Naturally, it only took her about 5 minutes to ask them a question (being the friendly world traveler that she is) and presto, immediate friendship. They became our companions on the ferry ride which helped pass the time more quickly and supported Andrea and my hunger for company.

When we arrived at Sifnos, the first very apparent difference is how mountainous this island is compared to Milos. Mountains everywhere, with winding narrow roads. The mountains look very similar to California’s mountains. We caught the bus to Apolonia, about a 10 minute ride; booked our room at a local travel agent in town and proceeded to lug our 40 pound bags uphill on the 10-minute walk to our studio. After arriving, out of breath and our legs burning from the walk, we were greeted by an old Greek woman who insisted on taking my backpack and escorting us to our wonderful little studio apartment. This room is as good as Yonas’ for it’s own reasons (view and kitchenette).

We settled in and headed into town to explore and buy some groceries to support our budget. We visited a bakery for breakfast food, the market for some cheese and tea and then finally, another bakery caught my eye on the way back to the studio (see pictures). The proprietor was a nice woman who explained to us everything she had with very good English. I ended up buying a piece of almond cake, so sweet I could only eat half of it with my tea before bed.

We stopped by the travel agency once more while in town to ask about getting “fast food” versus sit-down dinner. This is our new trick and saves us lots of money. Plus, we LOVE gyros! So we went up to a local restaurant, each ate a pork gyro (meat, onion, fresh grown tomato, tzatziki and a few French fries wrapped in pita… Yummmm!)

With full bellies and tired bodies, we headed back to the studio to turn in.

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