Monday, May 5, Sifnos

Andrea rose early to capture sunrise from our room’s veranda. We intended to both rise and capture a short video however, sleep was more important to this Taurus author when 6 a.m. rolled around. Anyone who knows me… is chuckling. Breakfast consisted of Chamomile tea, the second half of yesterday’s ham & cheese croissant-like thingy, some soft cheese on half a croissant (bread: breakfast of champions!)

Today was very windy and much more chilly, with lots of clouds rolling through the blue skies. We grabbed sweatshirts (our official Greek uniforms) and headed into town for some Greek coffee at a cantina called “Veranda” that over looks the bay where the sun rose only hours before. We sat and enjoyed the coffee, wrapping our legs in beach towels to keep warm.

As my delicious coffee neared its end, our Netherlander friends appeared in their rental car on the road down below our table. We waved and greeted them hello and they asked if we’d like to join them for the morning. Voila! Our wish had been granted! Andrea and I are both feeling a bit lonely for some company and had put out to the universe that we would be open to company .

So Brom, Paula and their son Martijn (we finally exchanged names after three days) excorted us to a monastery on the south end of the island called Chrisophighi. Breathtaking views, very windy… we enjoyed small talk. Once in the actual chapel, the Netherlanders lit four small candles. As if reading my mind, Paula offered that they had lost a daughter, approximately 10 years ago, to Leukemia. Paula and I began talking of the deeper matters of life and it was clear we shared the same point of view. We must believe our loved ones are still with us in order to keep living.

Next we visited a beach at Platis Gialos. Still very windy, however warming up now, Martijn decided he would get his kite out. His kite is the two-handed type and a bit larger than a typical child’s kite. Andrea says that it’s very much like the kites they use when you kite surf. The wind was so powerful and strong, Brom held onto Martijn for fear of him being drug away. Martijn literally was skiing through the sand at one point. Ultimately, Martijn asked his father to let him go and unfortunately, he ended up in the sea within a few minutes. He had a wonderful attitude about getting completely drenched in the surf while all of us on shore had a great big belly laugh at his expense. I commented to Paula on her son’s great attitude about it. He didn’t appear to be mad, embarrassed or anything. Just enjoying the moment with the rest of us. What a wonderful attitude for a 15 year old.

Next we went Faros, a small sleepy fishing village tucked away in a quiet bay. The wind was quieter there and we enjoyed some coffee and more “picture making” as our new friends call it. Finally we headed out to Kastro, climbing many more staircases once again to discover more narrow cobble-stoned pathways with the traditional blue-colored doors, hanging bougainvillea and classic pottery adorning our feet.

By now, Andrea and I were getting very hungry as I imagine our friends were too. We headed back to Apolonia to grab tomorrow’s breakfast at the bakery, a couple of Amstel’s from the mini-market and a gyro except town was now closed (earlier than usual) for it’s afternoon siesta. So instead headed back to the room to cook pasta with pesto, our intended dinner and then catch up on blogging.


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