Friday, May 2, Milos

We first traveled by moped to Paleochouri, an active volcanic beach where food is roasted in lava rock (see video clip). We collected beautiful natural stones from the shoreline and took pictures. We both were nervous because our little moped seemed to drink more gas than we hoped and yet we still made it back to town although the gas indicator seemed to get brighter red as we sped (4o mph) down the narrow highway.

After gassing up, we headed to town to split a quick beer and then set out for Polonia (approx 10 K from Adamas or 20-minutes by moped). Polonia a sleepy fishing village on the northern tip of Milos. Here we saw a local fisherman mending his nets and octopi drying in the sun.

After Polonia, we headed back the way we came and stopped at Papafraggas, an amazing outcropping of natural rock cliffs with hidden coves for swimming and sunning. We took a lot of pictures here because it was so stunning and even spied on two nude sunbathers who had found a way down into a private cove.

After Papafraggas, we drove the moped about a minute up the road to Kapros where we discovered another private bay. It was warm enough for a dip in the chilly sea and then some sun to warm us up.

After Kapros, we headed back to the room for an afternoon siesta (the town shuts down from about 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.) to check email and upload pictures. For dinner, we headed into to the Plaka again to capture sunset dinner, however the place we ended up did not serve food, only drinks. So we enjoyed another beer and took photos and then headed back down the hill before it became too dark to see on the moped.

We headed to Adamas for some dinner however, were not feeling another sit down dinner and so came upon our first “fast food” place that serves gyros and greek salads to-go! Perfect! We sat outside on stools, watching people, enjoying food and drink, fed a starving kitty some french fry that had dropped and finally headed back to our room for our final night in Milos.


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