Thursday, May 1st in Milos

Andrea and I got our first full nights sleep since Sunday night. We rose and had left over gyros and chicken kabob with crusty bread for breakfast (dinner from the night before) yum! We then got our swimsuits on headed into town where we are staying (Adamas) for a greek coffee and to eventually investigate moped rentals. We rented a moped and then headed out to explore Milos.

We headed to the Plaka first. Plaka’s are the highest point on the island. The buildings are exactly how your picture Greece to be. Super narrow stone-lined pathways, with lighting above that hangs like extra large Christmas tree lights. Breathtaking views… tomorrow night, if we stay in Milos again, we’ll have dinner on this side of the island to watch the sunset.

Next we headed to a beach called Sarakiniko, known for it’s unusual “moon’s surface” look. We met a family from Belgium there on vacation like us. We shared the same private bay and exchanged photo ops with each other. It was turning out to be a very nice warm day on the island. Definitely felt warm enough to go in the water… but the water is very cold!

Next we headed to Pollonia but took a wrong turn and actually ended up back at Adamas, which is the main port on the island. Ferries arrive here daily. Lots of little restaurants and small shops. We were hungry so we decided to have a Greek salad and a local beer called Mythos. The salad consisted of only tomato, cucumber, capers, olives with olive oil and vinegar and big crusty bread (of course). It was really delicious and healthy. We ate while watching people and the harbor.

We decided we wanted a bit more sun so we headed to a beach called Provatas. In the high season, this beach is known to be lively and fun. We arrived and not a soul was to be found. How nice! We had the entire beach to ourselves, for a while anyway. We layed out on soft sand with no towels (still looking for the souveneir beach towels! The island feels larger than it is. Provatas is on the other side and about 8 km away from Adamas (maybe 6 miles or so). Our little scooter was topped out at 35 mph and it took us about 15 minutes to get the other side.

After getting some sunshine, we headed back to our room in Adamas to clean up, check email, upload pics and then off to a late dinner. We had pasta and were starved after having 5 tomatoes for lunch. Even Andrea ate tomatoes… OMGosh!

The Greek people are interesting. Andrea and I are observing the relaxed lifestyle. Everything appears to be moving in slow motion to us. I watched an old man. It seems it’s very typical to sit down, have a coffee and water, smoke a cigarette and spend 2 hours doing it! Everyone smokes at the table (ick!) and everyone smokes period.

We also finally cleared up our confusion around saying hello and goodbye. We learned goodbye is “yasis” (at least that’s what is sounds like). And yet every market or person on the street we met would say it to us as we passed by. One proprietor finally explained that it’s a term used all day long, a greeting that means hello and goodbye. Finally, mystery solved!

Tomorrow is our final day on Milos. We will endeavor to learn a new Greek word. How about “thank you?”

xo, mynde and andrea


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