Choosing Peace, A Place To Start

Wow, I’m drying the tears on my cheeks after viewing this amazing video. I was tooling around this morning on my astrology website and browsed my links page where I saw When I was in Corporate America, I remember putting into a search engine “corporate consciousness.” I think I was trying to see if it existed. That’s when I found John Renesch’s website, he calls him self a Futurist. The more I read, the more I liked. He talked about the pain I felt in the corporate environment and he gave me hope that there were thinkers in our world who were bold enough to say and do something about it.

At John’s site this morning I found his blog and clicked over to read an article. At the bottom of his latest post was a link to a video and what caught my attention was the link’s URL because it mentioned an organization called TED. The organization is very fresh in my awareness because someone in my inner cirlcle had literally just mentioned it to me this very week.

Ironic? I don’t think so. And after viewing this video I have a new appreciation for myself and every other human being on the planet. Ultimately, I’ll let you decide whether or not you see the congruency in this brain scientist’s perspective and how important it is to be the change.

How will you own the change you are seeking in your world today?


One thought on “Choosing Peace, A Place To Start

  1. Hi Mynde,Thank you so much for posting this video clip. It is so profound and really helped connect some things (from a different perspective)for me around my own fearless work I have been doing for myself and sharing with others.Very powerfull indeed!I hope all is well for you. Not sure if you noticed int he most recent FLI e-letter. I recently began the CFLCPC program and have Jerilyn as my mentor. Now the fun really begins.Peacefully,:)Amy Miyamoto


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