Invested in My Life

Hello subscribers to my blog!

I’ve been away for a while… my blog that is. The radio show and teaching people to build webpages is keeping me very busy. Along with coaching a few private clients ( I would so love some more 😉 I am also working some technology projects into my busy work week as well. A means to an end, and truthfully probably more than that because I do also love technology.

Speaking of, I’ve added a new URL to the family of Mynde web creations… this one for my personal brand, if you will. It seems my journey is unfolding so that I get to clarify what that is (a personal brand) and how it’s different from my coaching practice brand. Life is curious these days. I’m happily busy and taking big risks too! Visit my personally branded website at PS. You, too, can create a similar webpage for yourself or small business by taking my Six Week Webpage Webinar. We have a new class starting the week of March 17 and a FREE Preview Call tomorrow, March 6 at 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time. For more information and access to the call-in number visit

Today I was interviewed by Lisa Bonnice on Shapeshifting at BlogTalkRadio. She’s another great host out with an amazing show and came to visit my show back in January. She shared about her book and how our thoughts can affect our physical body shape. Today Lisa asked me questions about living fearlessly. Why do we want a have more fearlessness in the world today? What are the benefits to living free from fear for my life personally?

I thought you’d like to listen.

I am headed for Greece in less than 8 weeks. More of life’s mystery unfolds…

Toward your growth, wonder and always, more Love.


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