Happy New Year

Well first off I want to extend a thank you to everyone who read my blog articles, sent me comments and emails throughout 2007. I love hearing from you and learning about how you are thinking differently as a result of looking at fear and living more fearlessly.

So I am gearing up for a fabulous beginning for 2008 starting next week (do you still feel like you’re on vacation this week like I do?) My calendar for January is very full of all sorts of activities such as book groups, teleclasses and my most new and exciting way to have fun, my internet radio show!

A Cognizant Life Radio Show
I have set the intention to reach out to other coaches and people in the personal growth industry to support you in living more fearlessly each week via A Cognizant Life Radio Show. My first guest scheduled for January 16 is Lisa Bonnice, author of the book Shape Shifting – Reclaiming Your Perfect Body. I plan to ask her all sorts of questions about her own personal journey, her book and her personal challenges with fear. You can reach her on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/lbonnice.

I am planning on breaking the show into several segments: a health & wellness segment, an interview segment and my topic discussion segment. For my health & wellness segment, each week I’ll share with you my own personal journey to wellness and what I’m doing to support myself because my intention for 2008 is to be willing to cultivate a supportive and empowering awareness of my body’s needs. For me this means, making healthier food choices, getting back to the gym and “joining” with my body to break the old habit of negative self-talk about it. My body is neutral! It serves a miraculous purpose and yet I continue to beat it up, judge it and thereby disempower myself. No more! The interview segment will feature a guest. A book author, another life coach, basically anybody who has anything to contribute that aligns with the topic of personal growth and transformation. Would you like to hear from someone if particular? Drop me an email at LifeCoach@FreeFromFear.net. Finally, in the last segment I will talk about some principle or aspect of living fearlessly.

Do you have a question for me that you’d like addressed over the air? I can turn it into a show segment topic if you are fearless enough to ask for what you want.

Book Groups
I am really excited about two new books I’ll be reading the first quarter of 2008. If you are a small business owner and want more perfect customers, you won’t want to miss Attracting Perfect Customers which begins Jan. 9th. Also, if you are curious about one woman’s personal accounting of following her inner voice and completely transforming herself and life, join me beginning Jan. 10th for Eat, Pray, Love.

I will be teaching two classes staring in January. Fearless Web Design & Marketability begins Jan. 8. In this once-per-month-for-six-months hour-long class I’ll share with you everything I know about establishing yourself on the web. And on Jan. 28, I’ll start a six week webinar just for coaches (or coaches in training) to support them in creating their very own web page. These classes can be taken exclusive of one another and although I did not set out with the intention of doing this, I do believe taking both classes in conjunction will give you a tremendous technology jump start for 2008.

Do you live in or near San Diego, California?
I will be hosting a two-hour interactive coaching presentation on Jan. 12 called “Jump Start To A Full-Out Life.” You can email me or visit http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/JJQFBFRLQPIECXYXGLBN/frogsfitness for details. I’d love to see you!

I’ve also got a trip to Greece planned for the month of May, yes I said MONTH! Can you imagine the powerful coaching you might receive from the Greek isle of Mykonos? LOL. If you find yourself attracted to me, my style, my show, what I’m talking about, imagine what might be possible for your life by working with me one-on-one? Call me for a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss this further. In as little as 30 days, you can begin transforming yourself through the exploration of fear and begin realizing the love within.

To fearlessly living your truth in 2008,


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Wow Mynde Terrific!! I will write it down on the calendar about the radio show I am so excited!!ANd the cool marketing class I made sure to forward this to my sister she will find it useful in her coaching.Wow congrats on Greece!!! I have always loved that placeMuch love Sally


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