Selfish… and the body

I don’t know what else to really say about this post aside from simply admitting to you that when I saw this clip and I had to post it.

I am “waiting” for the ‘new year’ to start my “LOVING Body” project… I guess because it’s easier to start it then vs. starting it now, admist the sugar plums and mistletoe.

And, “Wow, what a profound impact this video has on me as I watch it and consider my ‘body’ plans for 2008….”

Are you interested in joining me on a 90-day plan to wellness? Watch this and let then let me know via email. I’ve got a plan up my sleeve to support both of us!


One thought on “Selfish… and the body

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It brings tears to my eyes..because it applies to SO SO MUCH of my life. My husband and I just had a fight about this the other day…about how miserable I am all the time. This was a lightbulb moment..because I see it’s all in my head…little messages I tell myself. 😦


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