Living Someone Else’s Definition of Success

Everyone knows what a huge fan I am of Nic Askew’s This morning, having returned from another great Fearless Living workshop, I am struck by synchronicity after watching this week’s short-film. What was called forth during a great coaching triad this weekend, was an awareness around the possibility that some of my ideal clients might actually be a few high-ranking Corporate CEO’s. WOW! This was frightening for me because since December of last year, my objective has been to high-tail it out of Corporate as fast as I could. And now, after almost a full year of coaching the private sector, I find myself returning to the possibility of coaching Corporate CEO’s. How is this possible?

I’ve got some excavating to do, a vision that is calling for my creative energies to bring something forward into greater clarity and definition. Who are the Corporate CEO’s that I want to work with? What kind of CEO are they and why do I want to work with them? Ultimately, after watching Nic’s video this morning, I got a bit more clarity… as coaching ‘takes off’… more and more people, like the star of Nic’s film this week, are “getting-the-heck-outta-Dodge” just as I did. I wonder what type of CEO’s might be concerned about this? Initially, this might look like good news for myself and other coaches. Ultimately though, it points to a greater issue, a deeper core issue that I’m curious to know if a certain ‘type’ of CEO might be concerned with. Perhaps this type of CEO might be interested in creating a different kind of Corporate organization… where the human currency is so highly valued, it is seen as a vital component of the living corporate entity, a Corporate American heart. Does Corporate America have a heart?

We have created Corporate America. It is part of our humanity. It is a vital part of this country’s economy and the world economy. I believe in the power of the Heart and the possibility that Corporate America has a heart. My own work with Fearless Living brought me down into my heart and I am so grateful for that journey (which never ends by the way). So why not some Fearless CEO’s? Isn’t that where Corporate America’s heart might come from?

Enjoy this short-film. I’m curious to know if you see yourself in this guy’s story about living someone else’s definition of success and the agonizing anxiety of “waiting to be ‘found out'” and then subsequently face your own truth of the cost of living out of congruency.

One thought on “Living Someone Else’s Definition of Success

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