Hallowed Night

Hallowed Night

I have so missed blogging! I cannot tell you how much I have been thinking about YOU! Yes YOU! Someone who said “Yes” to themselves by saying “Yes” to my blog signup invitation. I feel honored that you might choose to take the time away from something else you could be doing in your life right now and instead read my blog and so I thank you!

It is the night before a Fearless Foundation Weekend. I am excited to be supporting as a coach and always always always a participant in the game of living fearlessly. Three solid days of what I love… watching personal transformation unfold!!! OMGoodness I am giddy! Approximately 22 people found a way to say “Yes” to themselves and get to this workshop this weekend. It was a challenge for me to say “Yes” when I decided to take this workshop for the first time. And the truth is, my journey really took off as a result of completing my first Fearless Foundation Weekend. At the end of that workshop, I discovered the #1 one excuse I was using in my life that was keeping me stuck. I also found my greatest access to freedom through understanding that the best way to love and nurture myself was to take care of my own needs and give myself what I had been asking others in the world to supply. Also, the seed was planted by another coach about becoming a coach. Really powerful! Again, I am so honored to be spending the next three days with 22 people I have not met yet!

Hallowed means sacred or holy. I was curious so I looked it up to be sure. And I guess what you could say is that I am in a hallowed space at this moment because I am with the awareness of how incredibly powerful it can be to choose how you want life to unfold for yourself. Sounds like a “get quick rich scheme?” It’s not. I am “holding the space” for the people who will be participating in this workshop this weekend. We all are in fact. Each coach has the presence of mind to know this is sacred work and that the moments that lead up to the work and reach out far into the distant future lives of the people whose lives are touched, also understand tonight is a very moment is sacred too. In this space of awareness, we create intention. The very best intentions come from clarity first, great coaching questions that draw out what is the truest for you right now. This weekend I have been invited to craft two intentions; one for my personal self… what am I working on personally in my life to bring forward from within myself? I’ve borrowed this intention since I first heard it several weeks ago in another coach training and it goes “I am willing to show up spontaneously in the moment with the fullness of my being.” The second intention we were asked to craft was around the workshop itself. How do I want to show up at the workshop, what do I want for the workshop? From the workshop? I want to serve and support. I feel remaining in the present moment at all times will most help me to do that. So my workshop intention is “I am willing to be present.” All the other coaches I will be working with this weekend have already crafted their intentions. And because we are practiced at the power of being in the present moment, where choice exists, we can see the opportunity to be clear in knowing what we want, how we will go about manifesting that and then completely detaching from any outcome whatsoever. The participants bring the rest!

I head into this workshop clearly focused, clearly intended and ready to step into action… which for me is showing up living “full-out,” fully self expressing, extending through love. I never imagined in a 1000 years that doing that would bring my life forward in such tremendous ways… and so much of it started at a Fearless Foundation Weekend. Oh Hallowed Night!

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