Cleansing – From The Inside Out

I was reminded last week by a dear friend and fellow coach, that there wasn’t enough of “me” in my blog recently. I admit, I have been slacking off in the “willing to be vulnerable” department and I apologize. I thought I’d write about what has been happening for me in the last 11 days or so.

It all started July 31 at a Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting. At each of these events, someone from the group is the featured guest speaker and is allowed to share for 15 minutes what they do. Elsa stood up and started talking about a health and wellness product called Isagenix. She talked about whole body cleansing, why it’s important and the benefits. Naturally, my ears perked up when she mentioned weight loss with my 20 year high school approaching in just 8 short weeks. But as I kept listening, a couple of facts stopped me dead on… 1) the way our bodies handle toxins is by wrapping it in fat thereby insulating the body from any harm and 2) it takes 7-8 apples to equal the nutritional value of an apple grown in 1976 due to mineral depletion of our soils. The final thing she said that really prompted me to call her was that taking care of our bodies is an “inside out” job. And that rang a bell because it is in such deep alignment with coaching.

So I’m in my final day of a 9-day cleanse (which is really 11 days if you count to the two pre-cleanse days). I have never done anything like this before. I have experienced many different sensations and experiences in the last 10 days such as lethargy, confusion, irritation, and other uncomfortableness as I supported my body to release the toxic build up of 38 years. As I’m coming out the other side of this, I am pleased to see some pounds and inches melting away however, what I most pleased with is observing the connection between outer and inner and anchoring more deeply into the belief that my external world is a mere reflection of my internal world. When I am clean on the inside, it creates a place of preparation or receiving which I feel I have only just begun to experience. And if it is true that the outer is a reflection of the inner… what other physical manifestations am I readying myself to receive?

I saw increased activity in my business last week and I’m choosing to believe it has something to do with the cleanse. Leaving Corporate America to begin a coaching practice is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and the challenge is constantly stretching me beyond the place where I previously stood. Acknowledging my feelings of uncertainty, sometimes doubting if I made the right decision and then remembering my commitment to live my life from a place that is anchored deeply into the truth of my being is a constant daily practice. As I sat last week, bouncing between feeling and commitment, the phone rang. A woman from a PR company had found my name on ICF Orange County’s website and wanted to know if I would be interested in speaking at a monthly women’s breakfast kick-off event. “Wow. This cleansing has something to it,” I thought. And again, I was brought back to the awareness of “if there is something missing in my external world, I am being presented a wonderful opportunity to heal something within myself at an internal level.”

Where are you still looking at something outside yourself to be different before you can be happy or feel whole or more healthy?

For more information on the Isagenix Cleanse, please email me or contact Elsa Howerth at 714-914-4503 and tell her I sent you! For more information on the Women Connecting: Learn Share Inspire Breakfast event, please email me or visit my website and look under Events & Workshops.


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