The Butterfly That Heals

I am currently reading “Zero Limits,” Joe Vitale’s newest book and it is so powerful, so anchored in forgiveness and taking 100% personal responsibility.

Joe says:

There’s a brand new healing painting at

The artist making these fascinating original paintings is infusing them with “Zero Limits” inspired love.

Each painting is a cleaning tool. When you go the site and see the new one, you will know what I mean.

It’s at

Expect Miracles,


PS – If you somehow missed getting a copy of the book, you can get details at The book is also in all book stores. Please tell others. Let’s bring love to the world, beginning with you and me. I love you.

In the artist’s post on ho’oponopono, she quotes Morrnah Simeona,

“… we really can’t love anyone else until we love and honor ourselves isn’t it nice to know of a tool for clearing the way to self love? Ho’oponopono allows us to give ourselves the gift of Peace and Oneness by asking for anything that doesn’t resonate with that to be released. Because after all …

“We exist to be our Divine Selves.”


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