Great article on responding to “your call”

I do not usually do this, however this article discusses fear which I found relevant, whether or not you are a student of Fearless Living or a coach. Enjoy!

Responding to the Call
by Rhonda Hess

Throughout our lives we receive messages that it’s time to awaken in some way and make a significant change. The information may come in the form of intuition, inspiration or sometimes a difficult reality, like a layoff or illness. The calling might be about being something (more organized, more healthy, less critical) or about doing something (change careers, write a book, start a family), or both.

Often, when the call comes, we turn a deaf ear, ignoring the message of closing and opening doors. Flooded with signals that we refused to connect, we let the fear of what the new life may demand of us override our desire to live a life with more purpose and meaning. Despite resistance, the messages get louder and may begin to carry more consequences. Why are we so unwilling to become, what in essence we already are?

The Richest Rewards
Saying no is a valid choice when the time is not yet ripe. But to continually say no to a call is to remain divided against ourselves, while to say yes will reap the richest rewards. Pursuing a call requires courage, belief in yourself, and attention to your commitment. Set up support systems that will anchor both your feet on the path. And then be patient as you change into a butterfly.

Coaching is a calling. Most new coaches tell me they felt a strong pull within them to become a coach. I smile because I know the way they will blossom beyond their current understanding. They said yes to the call, which is a big YES to themselves.

Respond to your calling!

Rhonda Hess is a Mentor Coach, co-author of the Coach Training Accelerator, Founder and President of Prosperous Coach and author of Working Websites for Coaches.

Conclusion and Thoughts To Think About

  • Have you ever personally experienced what the author talks about… delaying action your intuition has invited you to take?
  • What happened as a result?
  • Was it empowering or disempowering?
  • What would you do the same?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What was your #1 take-away or life lesson?

One thought on “Great article on responding to “your call”

  1. Kathie Munsen

    Finding Mynde has been an unexpected gift in my life. Her patience, kind words, understanding and willingness to help has been a blessing. The supportive, loving way in which she delivers the truth makes it easy to hear and understand. Fearless Living to her is not just a book title, but a lifestyle – she lives it, she knows it and she teaches it!I found Mynde when I was blocked and didn’t know where to turn (“when the student is ready the Teacher shall appear.”) Her guidance in helping me live my life fearlessly and “respond to my calling” is priceless. I am so thankful that she found hers. What a great Fearless Living Coach. I am truly grateful that she’s mine!Keep up the great work! You’re changing lives one heart at a time.


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