Making room…

Recently, I decided to set up some self-care boundaries with regard to my coaching practice. What this looks like is setting aside Monday’s and Friday’s to do things like sharpening my own saw, writing, reading, listening to audio’s and moving all my coaching sessions to Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursdays.

The biggest way this has supported me is that just before the 2nd Annual FLI Coaches retreat in early June, I was beating myself up pretty good. I discovered the hidden expectation and silent contract I had with myself which was that I had a certain idea of how my coaching practice should look right now and, well frankly, reality is not quite showing up that way. I took some time to myself. I spent a lot of time in the second A of the 4A’s of Fearless Living: 1)Acknowledge my feelings, 2) Allow time to process them 3)Ask myself “what am I committed to?” and 4)Act on my commitments. Eventually, I went to the retreat, got a good shot in the arm, my priorities re clarified, the opportunity to acknowledge just how well I really am doing after all and come back home with a new found perspective. With the recent adjustments in my calendar, I now look at three fuller coaching days as opposed to looking at five less the full coaching days and this supports me in anchoring into the fact that I am a work-in-progress, I am growing and preparing myself for the success I am in the midst of creating.

On Monday, I spent some time doing a study group reading assignment from Radical Forgiveness, I started a new eating program, and I listened to some audio’s while I organized and de-cluttered my working space. It was something that had been piling up and so I decided to eliminate one item off of my “draining” list… because you do know that if you are someone who is affected by clutter, looking at it, living and working in it is not empowering. Everytime you look at the little thing over there that needs to be done and the button on those pants that needs to be sewed and the floor that needs to be vacuumed, it drains a little bit of our energy.

So I cleaned and sharpened the saw a bit and then woke up Tuesday morning and began my day. The most curious thing happened that day. I received three calls from prospective clients asking for their free 30-minute coaching consultation. Not one, not two, but three! One of the other commitments I had clarified for myself that I was willing to do was to practice closing my free coaching consultations by asking for their business. This is my growing edge. So with that intention I headed into every one of these calls and guess what? I didn’t even have to ask… they were asking me “what is the next step, when can I start?” Isn’t that funny how when you step into your resistance, the door opens gently and effortlessly?

So this week, I am grateful that I got the opportunity to speak with three people about how Fearless Living could support them in overcoming all the things they feel are holding them back (whether or not they were crystal clear on what those things are) and talk with them about what might be possible for their lives by discovering their breakthrough to greatness.

It’s been a good week. Lots of saw-sharpening, growth, creation. I get to ask myself “what am I willing to do today to support myself in becoming more of who I am and preparing myself for the success I’m in the midst of creating?”

Now, it’s your turn! What are you making room to create in your life?


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