Loving The Uncomfortable…?

So this week, I am coming at you as just Mynde. My journey, in the last few days (actually nearing eight now), is that I have been in quite a funk. A very funky funk. All I can say is thank goodness for my Fearless Living tools and skills!

It has been a long time since I’ve felt this way, this uncomfortable. The uncomfortable feelings range from not having any energy or motivation to do what I love to blue and weepy. When I first became aware of my uncomfortable feelings, the first thing I did was acknowledge myself for being out of my comfort zone in some area of my life. Rhonda’s work (Fearless Living) offered me the awareness that when I am feeling uncomfortable, I am actually growing. Her work showed me that living outside my comfort zone is where all major change in my life originates. So, in a strange way, being uncomfortable is the goal in living fearlessly.

The second thing I did was recognize my old pattern (fear) vs. the new patterns I’m committed to creating in my life that are more life affirming and empowering. In the past, when I felt this way, I would ask why and try to discover how to “fix” myself. Usually the recipe for fixing myself meant getting out the hammer and pushing myself even harder. What I didn’t get was that embracing the possibility that I needed any fixing was, in fact, a rejection of myself, of who I was and how my emotional body is and was presenting new information for me to use to make new choices. It took me a few hours of feeling uncomfortable to recognize the invitation to step into a greater level of self-acceptance yet once I did, it opened me up further for new awarenesses which led to different choices.

After I recognized I was being presented the opportunity to go deeper into self-acceptance, I began looking at my uncomfortable range of feelings from a place of allowing. What this meant for me was to allow myself to feel the feelings, the whole range of them. Rhonda likes to say that if we feel like having a pity party, do it! Many of us think that if we go there, we won’t come back. Yet is that really true? My experience has been that the sooner I go there, and move through the feelings, the sooner I come out the other side transformed. And re-connecting with this awareness invited me to go deeper into this experience through trust. Trust that I can deal with my feelings. Trust that I will not lay on the couch for eight days straight! Trust that I will come out the other side a different person, at least internally.

So here I am on day eight of uncomfortableness. I began to feel yesterday a shift in the intensity. It has been a long time since I felt this way for this duration of time. The words of my first coach come to mind. She said “to the degree we are uncomfortable, to that degree we are shifting.” So something really big is up for me, great! I am processing, in a constant state of change really.

I am acknowledging myself daily for all the things I’m doing that bring me forward. Sometimes that means acknowledging myself for crying or for doing nothing at all, for giving myself a break because I know I will not let myself off the hook entirely. If my emotional body has new information, I am open to receive. I am also looking at my life and counting the many blessings, anchoring into gratitude. Gratitude greases the wheels of abundance. Knowing and trusting that everything is exactly as it should be for this moment in time, uncomfortableness and all, is what I will focus on and choose to celebrate.

Something really great for me is a miraculous moment away… the moment I choose to remember everything I need is already here now.

Mynde supports people to recognize, understand and master the fears that often block us from realizing our full potential and living our most authentic and fully self-expressed life. She offers a free study group every Wednesday night at 7pm Pacific. Sign up at http://www.CognizanceCoaching.com.


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