Leveraging Audio on your blog or web site…

Last week I blogged about Riding the Technology Wave where I discussed stretching out of my technology comfort zone in an effort to understand blogging and how to leverage it for building my coaching practice. In that blog article, I also made the commitment to begin blogging at least once per week. Something I learned last week when I was doing my research is that for your blog to be really effective at building credibility and a relationship with your prospective clients, the “blog gods” recommend blogging at least three times per week. Since blogging on a regular basis is something new to me, I felt the commitment to blog at least once a week was a compassionate way to begin building this new technology muscle of mine.

My next question to myself was “What do I blog about this week?” and since I am on a roll with technology, my second favorite pastime after coaching, I will once again talk about leveraging technology in your coaching practice… at least what I know of it at the time of this writing. Last week, I asked my blog readers the question of “what have you done this week to bring yourself forward through technology?” and this is where this week’s topic comes from once again.

This week I installed some audio on my web site’s landing page (http://www.cognizancecoaching.com). Go ahead and take a listen (I am cringing a little at the thought of you listening, however isn’t that what living outside of your comfort zone is all about?) I decided to utilize a web service called Audio Acrobat (http://www.audioacrobat.com/). For a nominal fee, I can easily record audio (& videos eventually), store the audios, and produce an HTML snippet for installing to my website or in an email link. Now the question becomes, why pay for it when I have the means to record my own voice, convert it to a format and embed a player to my website? Well my decision to go with the service provider was simple and based on another question I got to ask myself. How much time do I want to spend building my business vs. doing the business of coaching? At this point, my practice is still very young, in it’s infancy and I have extra time to devote to the building aspect of my business. However, in a very short time this will not be the case (wink). Therefore, I felt it was smarter to me to pay for the convenience of the service so that I can get in and out from under the task of preparing and installing the audio(s) rather quickly (after your initial run though of their process, less than 5 minutes, seriously).

So with audio capability successfully at my disposal, my next question to self is what do I record? I decided to answer the most frequently asked question I receive about my coaching practice which is “What *is* Life Coaching?” The audio is a work-in-progress for I have plans today to go in and re-record it to add something I feel is important that I missed. Audio Acrobat’s service makes it so simple to do this! I simply re-record it and publish it and since the code is already installed on my web site, the new audio will simply be picked up. In addition, I get to continue brainstorming and of course observing how others are using audio technology to sell their product or service so I can continue to leverage this easy-to-use and very personal touch I’ve added to my web site’s user experience.

I am open to feedback about my audio if you choose to listen to it as well as how you are currently utilizing audio to leverage a product/service in your online coaching practice environment. This is how I brought myself forward this week. How about you?

This week’s blog additions to my Bloglines feeder:

Mynde supports people to recognize, understand and master the fears that often block us from realizing our full potential and living our most authentic and fully self-expressed life. She offers a free study group every Wednesday night at 7pm Pacific. Sign up at http://www.CognizanceCoaching.com.


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