Ain’t it funny how…

quickly life passes by us. I am in a reflective mood this afternoon because I am crossing through yet another threshold. The amazing sliding glass doors of life; one door opens and we choose whether to step through it now or… wait. Waiting… I suppose waiting could be viewed from a perspective of honoring ourself because we are saying to ourselves I know I am not ready. But is that always true? I mean, if we use this question of being ready as a litmus, how many times will we take a chance in life and jump? I’m not sure waiting serves my process of “becoming” any longer. So waiting is a now a sign or signal to myself that something else is up for me, if I’m willing to dig a little bit deeper and ask myself some good coaching questions, I will most certainly always bring myself forward with the discovery of what is so for me or my personal truth.

Today, I am reflecting on 2006. Today I took my certification exam and can’t help but think back on the entire process that took just over one year to complete. I think about how far I’ve come in that one year and I also think I have probably worked harder than any other year in my life, except the difference is I have an acute awareness of being “in love” with what I’m doing more than any other time in my life. Wow. What a gift. How grateful am I? Not many people can say they do what they love. I feel fortunate to feel connected with that awareness and the exciting part is, it’s only the beginning.

So to beginnings! May there many opportunities to begin again. The beautiful part is there is never not a good time to do this. Now is the perfect place to start!


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